Image Browsing: a Functional Update
by Bob Smith | March 1, 2006

ScreenshotAlmost two years ago, I wrote an article for on digital workflow, discussing image browsers. How things have changed! Or have they?

We have certainly witnessed a progression of new programs and updated features in existing programs. Adobe has moved from the file browser functi...

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New Camera and Lens Support Products
by E.J. Peiker | March 1, 2006

NatureScapesAs you may have surmised from my earlier article, “Lighter and Better Equipment for the Hiking Photographer” (November 2005), I am always on the lookout for new things that make photography easier, more convenient, and less physically demanding. In this article, I review three new pr...

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Book Review: Dynamic Wildlife Photography
by Heather Forcier | December 1, 2004

Dynamic Wildlife PhotographyIt seems like I rarely get the chance to read books anymore, but once I got my hands on Dynamic Wildlife Photography I found it an easy and interesting read. The introduction immediately struck a chord and the writing reflects the authors’ warm personality plus humor specific to our ende...

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