Embracing Failure
by Mark Graf | July 25, 2008

© Mark GrafEditor’s note: This article appeared originally in Mark Graf’s blog. Our thanks to Mark for agreeing to republish it here. Mark opens: “Quite a few folks talk about failure as part of the process of learning, especially when it comes to expanding creativity. part of t...

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Questions are the Key to Better Imagery
by | April 29, 2008

© Charles GlatzerTo maximize the potential of an area and its subjects, always gather as much information as possible before arriving. To make the most of your shoot, talk to others who have been there shortly before, but never assume things will be the same.

Ask yourself questions about the specific location:...

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Introducing NatureScapes.net Member Portfolios
by | April 1, 2005

© Heather ForcierNatureScapes.net is a website dedicated to nature photography. The staff never stops thinking about the needs of nature photographers and how we can meet those needs through our online resource. In our forum community and in the many conversations we’ve had with photographers in the field,...

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To submit or not to submit, that is the question
by | March 1, 2005

Nature's Best Photography ExhibitA few things to consider when entering the 2005 Nature’s Best Photography Awards Competition and other Photo Contests by Drew Smith, Executive Editor of Nature’s Best Photography magazine.

As an avid nature photographer who has entered numerous photo contests over the years, I ha...

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