Gitzo GT1541T 6x Carbon Fiber Tripod Review
by Kari Post | February 21, 2011

Gitzo GT1541T reviewI love the wilderness. There is nothing quite like the feeling of venturing into the untamed back country and finding yourself in a remote area, seldom touched by man. It is here where the beauty and complete awesomeness of the natural world overwhelms me and fills me with inspiration. Surrounde...

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MacBook Air Comparison
by Kah Kit Yoong | February 14, 2011

© Kah Kit YoongIn an attempt to shed a bit of weight off my carry-on luggage, I purchased an ‘Ultimate’ edition Macbook Air to replace one of my current MacBook Pros. For the record I usually bring two notebook computers on my trips, just in case one fails – it would be disastrous not to be a...

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Clik Elite Camera Capsule Product Review
by Kari Post | October 29, 2010

© Kari PostAny seasoned backcountry enthusiast knows that a well organized pack is key to a successful trip into the wilderness. Backpackers organize gear into stuff sacks, pouches, and pockets to make packing a precise process and items easier to find as they are needed. It seems that Clik Elite, the comp...

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Clik Elite Compact Sport Backpack Review
by Kari Post | July 9, 2010

© Kari PostAs a backpacker, climber, paddler, and cyclist, I spend a considerable amount of time in the wilderness, even when not out photographing nature. Ever since I started backpacking, I’ve found myself incredibly disappointed by functionality, comfort, and design of photo backpacks.


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Naneu K4L Review
by Marc Langille | March 3, 2010

Naneu K4L reviewEditor’s Note: The Naneu K4L is a photo backpack “designed to function as a laptop backpack, camera bag, and travel backpack for the ultimate in professional convertibility, without looking like a photo/laptop backpack for security reasons” as described on Naneu’s website...

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Review: LensCoat Covers
by Richard Peters | February 5, 2010

© Richard PetersOne of my non-photographer friends once asked me why my lenses were covered in camo. “Surely it’s a waste of time and looks silly!” he said. Looks silly? Well ok, depending on the situation, he may have had a point. But waste of time, absolutely not! LensCoat lens covers are no...

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Review: Gitzo 5541LS Tripod
by Richard Peters | January 14, 2010

© Richard PetersWhether you’re a medium/large format photographer, a big lens shooter using lenses like a 600mm f4, 800 f5.6, or Sigma 300-800 zoom, or just after a solid base for landscapes and macro, one thing is certain – you need very sturdy support. Enter Gitzo’s mighty GT5541LS.

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ThinkTank Urban Disguise 50 Review
by E.J. Peiker | November 23, 2009

Urban Disguise 50 bagThe NatureScapes Store recently provided me with a ThinkTank Urban Disguise 50 to test out and put through its paces. After unpacking it, my first impression was that the bag was too small to be useful as a small carry-on for traveling by plane – it didn’t look like it would be able...

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Review: Wimberley Flash Brackets
by Jan Wegener | November 13, 2009

© Jan WegenerWhen it comes to shooting with fill flash, photographers all face the problem of how to mount a flash to their camera set ups. Attaching the flash directly to the camera causes several problems: 1) verticals are difficult to shoot this way and 2) most of the time, the subject will have “re...

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