Scenes from Louisiana, the BP Oil Disaster Part II
by Shawn Carey | October 1, 2010

© Shawn CareyAfter making a one week trip to Louisiana July from 24 to August 1 to document the PB oil disaster it soon became clear to me I would need to return for a follow-up visit. With much of the major media quickly losing interest in this story, I felt compelled to see what, if any, progress had taken...

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Scenes from Louisiana, the BP Oil Disaster Part I
by Shawn Carey | September 1, 2010

© Shawn CareyOn April 19, 2010 I, like most people, had never heard of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. All that changed a day later when it exploded and killed eleven men, eventually sinking to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. As the oil started to gush into the ocean, my reaction was one of disbelief. I was...

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Point of View: Game Farm Photography
by Thomas Mangelsen | January 19, 2009

Game farm photographyGame Farm photography is not an issue that is broadly understood. Imagine genetically wild animals born in captivity, incarcerated for life, only to be paroled and paraded for profit, and you have the Game Farm picture.

Although I have spoken out against Game Farm photography for many years, f...

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The Sounds of Nature: One Square Inch
by Paul Klenck | May 1, 2006

© Paul KlenckYou never know what you might see—or hear—when you take a walk in the woods. On an April Sunday, I was hiking the Hoh Rain Forest River Trail in Olympic National Park, Washington. A Pileated Woodpecker gave me a fleeting glimpse. I stood and listened for its drumming and would move to try to...

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A Real-Life Example Close to Home
by Eleanor Kee Wellman | April 1, 2006

© Eleanor Kee WellmanWhen the loons didn’t nest on my small lake in south-central Ontario in 2005, I had to find another subject to maximize the summer photography season.

I had been out to a Common Tern nesting colony on a local lake with friends who live on the lake and had been monitoring the colony for 2...

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