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About Our Trips

Take the Photography Adventure of a Lifetime

With over 15 years of experience hosting nature photography workshops and tours around the world, we know exactly what photographers expect for the perfect trip. Our leaders are passionate about photography, teaching, and sharing their knowledge. Small group settings offer personal instruction from each leader, creating meaningful experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

Ultimate Experiences

Each and every detail is tailored around photography. We make it our mission to provide you with the best possible experience and to exceed your goals.

Quality Leadership Since 2003

Our leaders and guides enjoy teaching and becoming a friend in an approachable, small group setting of photographers with varied goals for their travel experience.

Leave No Trace

On every trip we promise to be prompt, ethical, and trustworthy while instilling the importance of responsible photography and having minimal environmental impact.

Focused on Learning

NatureScapes leaders and guides put the importance of your photography endeavors above their own, sharing technical knowledge and inspiring you creatively.

What’s in This Section

The sections below feature additional information about our photography workshops and tours.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-667-0559 or 410-239-8025, Monday–Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Time or get in touch through our contact form. You can also send an email to editors@naturescapes.net.

Traveling with NatureScapes

Planning Your Trip

Registration Process

Trip Details

Photo Gear


Planning Your Trip

How to Select the Right Experience

If you’ve never attended a photo workshop or tour before, you may be wondering what type of trip is best for you. We want to make sure you find the perfect experience for your interests and goals. Read our helpful article Choosing the Right Photo Workshop for guidance.

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Difference Between Workshops and Tours

We offer both photography workshops and photo tours on our travel schedule. Photography workshops have formal classroom teaching as part of the trip. Photography tours offer casual teaching in the field but do not have formal classroom sessions or a planned curriculum as part of the itinerary.

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Difference Between Leaders and Guides

Leaders are photographers who have personally planned every detail of the trip’s itinerary, offering formal instruction during workshops and guidance in the field on tours. In general, our experienced guides are there to help you find the best locations and identify specific species. As an added benefit, most of our guides are talented nature photographers as well. Learn more about our hand-picked leaders and guides.

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Client Reviews and References

Since 2003 we have led photography workshops and tours with hundreds of photographers around the world. We welcome you to read our workshop and tour reviews from past attendees. You may also contact us for references to speak firsthand with photographers who have travelled with us.

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Registration Process

Immediately After Registration

Upon registration you will immediately receive an automated email confirmation with a receipt for your deposit. Within 2 business days our workshop coordinator will personally contact you to confirm your reservation.

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Before Your Workshop or Tour Begins

About 60–90 days before your trip is scheduled to start, you will receive a detailed information package by email and a printed copy in the mail. The package you receive is customized for your trip and is full of important details about lodging, transportation, guidelines for equipment, packing lists, luggage requirements, how to prepare for your travels, emergency contact numbers, and more.

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NatureScapes.net Workshop and Tour welcome folder with printed information and luggage tag.

Preparing for Your Trip

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to summarize your photography experience and what areas you would like guidance with. This will help us design our programs with your interests in mind so we can offer a customized experience for everyone.

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After Your Trip Ends

When you return home and are well-rested, you will receive a quick survey by email where you can share feedback about your experience. You will also have the option to post some shots from your trip in the special image sharing forum exclusively for travel participants. We love seeing your experience through your eyes and camera lens!

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Trip Details


Each workshop and tour is different in what is included on a trip for the price. Some trips are all-inclusive and include lodging, meals, and transportation. Other trips may include only some of these or none at all. For details on what is included on each workshop or tour, please refer to the page of the trip you’re interested in.

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Single Supplement

When offered and subject to availability, the single supplement fee is separate and reflects its actual cost. If you are a solo traveler and we are unable to match you with a roommate, we will need to place you in a single room and charge the single supplement fee.

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A deposit is required to reserve your space on a workshop or tour. The amount of the deposit varies and is listed on each trip page. Unless otherwise specified, deposits are non-refundable unless we cancel the trip, in which case you will receive a full refund.

Deposits are paid online during our secure registration process. We accept credit and debit cards from Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®, and American Express. You may also pay with PayPal or choose to mail a check or money order.

If you opt to mail the deposit to us, please send your check or money order within 14 days to reserve your space.

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Instruction and Activities

While every trip has different activities, all photography workshops include a combination of field instruction, formal classroom teaching, and group critique sessions. Photography tours offer casual teaching in the field but do not have formal classroom sessions. Please refer to the itinerary of the trip you are interested in to learn about what activities are planned.

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Group Sizes

Group sizes are kept small so that a high level of personal instruction is available for all skill levels. Generally, there are no more than 8 participants per leader. This allows us to focus on your individual needs, minimize environmental impact, and maximize your photographic opportunities. Small group sizes are a better value for your money and utilizes the best use of your time for an enjoyable experience.

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Lodging is different for each workshop and tour. Some locations are luxurious while some at remote locations are very basic. At other times we stay in chain hotels, country inns, or even on the water in a boat! Please refer to the page of the trip you are interested in for details.

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Like accommodations, meals are also different for each workshop and tour. On some trips we enjoy meals at lodges and other times we eat together at local restaurants. At very remote locations we prepare meals ourselves. We’ve heard from many guests that Greg is a great short-order cook!

Dietary Restrictions

As part of the registration process, we will ask you to summarize your dietary information so we can accommodate any allergies and dietary restrictions you may have. This information will be relayed to hotels and staff where meals are prepared.

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Travel Ratings

On each trip page there is a section for Travel Ratings. These are used to indicate the intensity of activity, what photographer levels the trip is geared towards, the type of trip, and if there is space for non-photographers to attend.

Activity Levels

This type of trip requires only the minimum of physical activity to participate. There are generally no strenuous hikes or long walks required to get to where we need to go. Most, if not all, of the photography activities are within a short walk from either where we are staying or from the comfort of our vehicle.

This type of trip requires a moderate amount of physical activity, either hiking or walking with your gear at moderate distances and at moderate elevations (under 2,000 meters above sea level). Please be in reasonable physical condition and have no serious medical conditions or physical limitations that would preclude you from participating.

This type of trip requires more than a moderate amount of physical activity, either hiking or walking long distances with your gear and/or at higher elevations (over 2,000 meters above sea level). Please be in good physical condition and have no medical conditions or physical limitations that would preclude you from participating.

Since every trip is different, see the Activity Level listed on its page for more information. If you have any questions please contact us.

Photography Levels

This trip is for everyone from beginner to advance. If the trip is a workshop and not a tour, then the curriculum is generally more basic and aimed to be beneficial to the beginner. You do not have to have a full knowledge of every function of your camera—we can help with that! Advanced or intermediate photographers are welcomed on any trip and there are always new things to learn and see.

This trip is for photographers who have a basic knowledge of photography principles and are fairly comfortable with their gear. You do not need to be an expert photographer but we can help you get closer to being one! If this trip is a workshop and not a tour then the curriculum is generally designed toward those that have a moderate grasp of the basics and terminologies of photography.

This trip is for photographers who don’t need any handholding, have a firm grasp of photography principles, and are intimately comfortable with their gear. Generally, advanced trips are located at challenging areas or are structured as a tour rather than a workshop with instruction strictly on an as-needed basis.

Trip Type

Trip Type on a workshop or tour page lists the kind of terrain encountered and means of travel used throughout. For example, a trip might be land based but some time is spent on a ferry. Please refer to the page of the trip you are interested in for details.

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In some cases, non-photographers are welcome to attend a trip. On certain trips their fees are discounted, but on others they must pay the same price as a photographer. Please refer to the page of the trip you are interested in for details.

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Photo Gear

Gear Requirements

The photography gear required on a photography workshop or tour varies. Please refer to the page of the trip you are interested in for details. As part of your welcome packet, you will receive a complete packing list of recommended gear to bring with you.

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Equipment Rentals

Depending on availability, you may rent photography equipment from us for use during a trip. Selection is limited; please inquire with us for availability and pricing. We can also refer you to reputable photo equipment rental companies.

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Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations by you, the registrant, can be made up to 120 days prior to the trip date, however you forfeit your deposit*. Cancellations made by the registrant after 120 days prior to the trip date are not eligible for refunds and you will be liable for any final payments invoiced at that time. *At our discretion we may apply your deposit to another future trip, but only if we are able to sell your cancelled spot at the full listed price and the trip sells out.

NSN reserves the right to cancel or change activities without prior notice due to low registration or other reasons beyond our control. While many trips will run with just a single registrant, others may require a minimum registration. If we cancel a trip you will receive a full refund of any monies paid to us with respect to that specific trip. We are not responsible for any refunds for third-party paid services such as flights and other arrangements made by you. We will inform you when to make these arrangements after the trip is confirmed. We also reserve the right to cancel or refuse the registration of any participant that we determine not to meet the requirements of these activities.

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Approximately 60–90 days before your trip begins you will receive your final invoice as part of your information packet. The final balance must be paid by the due date on your invoice. This amount can be paid one of three ways.

Check or Money Order

We strongly encourage making your final payment by check or money order. Please send a check or money order in U.S. funds for the exact amount of your balance to NatureScapes.net, LLC. Mail to:

21009 Gunpowder Road
Manchester, Maryland 21102
United States

Wire Transfer

You can send a wire transfer to our office using the information provided in your welcome packet.

Credit Card

Due to our bank charging an additional 3% convenience fee for paying by credit card, we strongly encourage making final payments by check or money order.

If you have any questions or are unable to pay the final balance by check, money order, or wire transfer, please call our office at 1-888-667-0559 or 410-239-8025 to make your payment over the phone.

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Travel Insurance

You are strongly encouraged to purchase trip cancellation and travel insurance for all destinations. If you are interested in purchasing insurance there are many companies that offer it. To get started, we recommend visiting our partner Insuremytrip® for a free travel insurance quote.

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We do not permit smoking within the vicinity of our leaders, guides, or non-smoking participants while in the field or during classroom sessions. None of our leaders or guides are smokers. At hotels, lodges, and during after hours, smoking may be permitted in designated areas. If you smoke, check with us first.

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This is the 2nd NatureScapes workshop that I have attended. Greg Downing is a great teacher and photographer. His trips are very informative and fun. The afternoon lectures are exceptionally good—you definitely get your money’s worth. I look forward to attending more of Greg’s workshops in the future.
Helen Jo P.


We really enjoyed this trip. Jan was brilliant, the crew really looked after us, and we had good company. Best of all our photography has improved.
Alan and Anne Y.
Galápagos Photography Tour Adventure Cruise by Land & Sea
Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

It was the most amazing time I’ve ever had. Everything was top-notch, organized, and informative. I could not have asked for more.
Lee Ann R.
Quetzals, Toucans, Hummingbirds, and More
Costa Rica

The opportunities to improve my photographic skills in the field were nothing short of mind-boggling. This workshop had everything I could have wished for and more: expert leadership, an experienced boatman, excellent trip companions, and stunning sightings and weather.
Martha M.
Osprey by Boat
Vero Beach, Florida

I most enjoyed seeing the ice caves and aurora borealis. Nikhil and Jóhann were excellent tour leaders. They were very accommodating and excellent at helping when needed.
Brad W.
Iceland Winter Photo Tour

Thank you for an unbelievable experience. There may be a way for you to improve this photo safari but I have no clue what that would be; it exceeded all of my expectations.
Ed T.
Ultimate Africa Experience

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