Working with a Legend; Galen Rowell
by Gary Crabbe | June 22, 2010

© Gary CrabbeMany people that know me, or have followed my photography, are aware that I got my start in the industry working for the internationally renowned photographer and adventurer, Galen Rowell. It quickly became apparent that I had stumbled into a position that many people, especially other photograp...

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The Advantages of Trademark Registration
by Carolyn E. Wright | January 3, 2010

NatureScapes.netTrademarks (or servicemarks) allow people to identify the source of goods or services, not the products or services themselves. When people see your trademark, they will know where the product came from or who is providing the service. Trademarks can be names, symbols, packaging, the shape of a...

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Book Review: The Photographer’s Legal Guide
by | January 31, 2007

Photographer's Legal GuideCarolyn Wright has participated on the forums for years and I have come to respect not only her knowledge on legal issues specific to photographers, but also her ability to draw on real-world experience and explain matters in a way that just about anyone could understand.

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Book Review: How to Make Money with Digital Photography
by | October 1, 2006

How to Make Money with Digital PhotographyFor the photographer who is contemplating turning their passion into a business, or for someone already getting started in the industry, this book is a must-read. Written by a pro photographer, there’s much more to this book than the title suggests. How to Make Money with Digital Photogra...

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Tax Time for Photographers
by | February 1, 2006

NatureScapesMany photographers in the United States find themselves confused at tax time regarding their federal and state reporting obligations. There is no substitute for consulting with an accountant and lawyer regarding your business concerns. However, it does help to be informed in preparation for thes...

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Getting Published: The Query Letter
by | July 1, 2005

NatureScapesA few years ago, when I first began marketing my work, one of my pie-in-the-sky dreams was being published in Outdoor Photographer magazine. I knew the odds, I knew they received many submissions, and I knew that there were two chances: slim and none. But I figured it was still worth a try. Afte...

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