Book Review: Dynamic Wildlife Photography
by Heather Forcier | December 1, 2004

Dynamic Wildlife PhotographyIt seems like I rarely get the chance to read books anymore, but once I got my hands on Dynamic Wildlife Photography I found it an easy and interesting read. The introduction immediately struck a chord and the writing reflects the authors’ warm personality plus humor specific to our ende...

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Gitzo Tripod Maintenance Guide
by Greg Downing | August 1, 2004

© Greg DowningMany nature photographers prefer Gitzo carbon fiber tripods, which are known for their durability and lighter weight. They are built to last though years of use, especially with proper maintenance and care. As a Gitzo owner, you may be wondering how to properly maintain your tripod when the legs...

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PicturesToExe v4.14 Slide Show Program
by Heather Forcier | December 1, 2003

PicturesToExePerhaps one of the kinks in converting from film to digital is an easy way to present a public slide show. But numerous slide show programs are available that can create that digital presentation for you to display via your desktop or laptop computer. The program I use is PicturesToExe.

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