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Latest Forum Discussions
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Mike in O | 05/24/18
Lens Review - Nikon 180-400
Scott Fairbairn | 05/24/18
Adding a Sony 1.4 extender
James W. Milligan | 05/23/18
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Wildflower-nut | 05/22/18
"Save for Web" PS CC Action?
Craig Lipski | 05/20/18
Video of current lava flow on Big Island
Robert | 05/20/18
Canon travel kit advice - camera and lens combo for Europe
Kari Post | 05/20/18
Switzerland Travel Advice
Kari Post | 05/20/18
Photoshop will not validate serial number
Larry Shuman | 05/20/18
Removing rubber feet from Gitzo tripod
Bill Chambers | 05/16/18
Is Shutterbug Magazine Closing?
Jeff Colburn | 05/14/18
Win 7 CS6 to CC Q's
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Latest articles
From tips & techniques to location & gear reviews, to conservation issues.
An Interview with Charles Glatzer
by Tina Hay | January 03, 2018
Canon “Explorer of Light” Chas Glatzer talks about wildlife photography, the importance of the fundamentals, and what’s next in camera gear. Continue reading »
Bird Species Spotlight: Sandhill Crane
by Jake Jacoby | December 04, 2017
Sandhill cranes are large birds with a wingspan of over 6′ and a body length of almost 4′. Their long legs and necks give them an almost dinosaurian appearance and they can routinely reach a weight of more than 10 pounds. Their common name refers to habitat like that at the Platte River, on the edge of Nebraska’s “Sandhills” on the American Plains. Their large wingspans make them very skilled soaring birds, similar to hawks and eagles. They use the thermals to obtain lift, and can stay aloft for many hours, requiring only occasional flapping of their wings and therefore expending little energy. Continue reading »
Best Gifts for Photographers - A Few of My Favorite Things
by Greg Downing | November 14, 2017
What are the best gifts for photographers? In the interest of sparking gift ideas for photographers, I came up with a list of “a few of my favorite things.” Each year as the holiday season approaches, it’s hard to ignore all of the excitement around us. Every store has their holiday garb on full display, and I can’t help but be excited for the season. Continue reading »
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