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From tips & techniques to location & gear reviews, to conservation issues.
2015 New Mexico Trip Report
by Nikhil Bahl | May 26, 2016
Every workshop leader has their favorite locations. Like so many locations I visit repeatedly, New Mexico has offered something different every time. Whether it is Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge or White Sands National Monument, a new surprise always awaits. One of the main reasons these locations in New Mexico have become two of my favorite workshops is because they are so drastically different in what they have to offer. Photographing birds at Bosque can be fast and furious while at White Sands we take leisurely hikes into the dunes looking for compositions and waiting for the light to change. For me, it's great to have that change of pace as it keeps me fresh and looking for new opportunities. Continue reading »
How to Choose a Nature Photography Trip
by Grace Scalzo | April 11, 2016
Many nature photographers love to travel. While we enjoy creating images of familiar subjects near home, getting outside our own corner of the world is a thrill unto itself. Continue reading »
Be Careful What You Wish For
by F.M. Kearney | March 10, 2016
This article was originally published in NANPA (December 2015). Used with permission. Living in New York City (or any other large metropolitan area) and choosing to pursue a career in nature photography can sometimes be an uphill battle. Local parks and botanical gardens are fine for floral portraits and intimate landscapes, but if you ever desire to capture anything resembling true wilderness, a venture beyond the confines of city limits is definitely required. Continue reading »
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