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September 2017
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Latest articles
From tips & techniques to location & gear reviews, to conservation issues.
Bird Species Spotlight: Yellow-crowned Night Heron
by Jake Jacoby | September 05, 2017
The yellow-crowned night heron forages both during the day and at night. In most coastal areas, the tide can trump the time of day as most foraging occurs from 3 hours before high tide to 3 hours after. These birds are found year-round along the southern Atlantic coast but can also be found breeding as far north as Michigan and Ontario, Canada. All of the photographs that I took for this article were taken at Fort DeSoto at the southern end of Pinellas County, Florida. Continue reading »
Voigtländer Trio Review: FE 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm Extreme Wide Angle Lenses
by E.J. Peiker | May 03, 2017
In October 2015, Austrian iconic specialty lens brand Voigtländer, now a division of Cosina, the same company that manufactures most Carl Zeiss camera lenses, announced that they would be bringing a line of ultra-wide angle lenses to the Sony full frame E-mount platform by Spring 2016. The announcement was for a redesigned version of the Leica M-mount 15mm ƒ/4.5 and 12mm ƒ/5.6, and a brand new design of a 10mm ƒ/5.6. The actual names of the lenses are as follows: Continue reading »
Bird Species Spotlight: Brown Pelican
by Jake Jacoby | May 02, 2017
Squadrons of brown pelicans can routinely be seen flying together in v-shaped formation above the surf line along both the southern and western coasts of the United States. While there are seven species of pelicans, the brown pelican is the smallest and the only one that plunges from the air into the water to catch its food. They feed by plunge-diving from high up, using the force of impact to stun small fish before scooping them up. While the brown pelican is draining the water from its bill after a dive, gulls often try to steal the fish right out of its pouch. They sometimes even perch on the pelican’s head or back and reach in. The pelican itself, however, is not above stealing fish from other seabirds. It also follows fishing boats and hangs around piers for handouts. Continue reading »
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