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Latest articles
From tips & techniques to location & gear reviews, to conservation issues.
Bird Species Spotlight: Reddish Egret
by Jake Jacoby | October 30, 2021
The Reddish Egret is a medium to large Heron that usually forages in shallow salt water. They are very active foragers, often seen running through shallows with long strides, staggering sideways, leaping in the air, raising one or both wings, and abruptly stabbing at fish. Some people consider this to be clown-like behavior, but I consider the Reddish Egret to not only be a consummate fisherman, but a wonderful bird to observe and photograph. Continue reading »
The Atlantic Puffin Colonies on Grimsey Island, Iceland
by Jake Jacoby | October 30, 2021
In July 2021, I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland with 8 other photographers under the leadership and guidance of Naturescapes.net. After arriving in Reklavik and relaxing for an evening, we travelled in a 12-passenger bus for a couple of days and eventually arrived at the town of Dalvik. We then boarded the ferry “Saefari” and travelled to Grimsey Island where we spent the next 5 nights. This island was, without question, the highlight of my trip to Iceland. Continue reading »
Bird Species Spotlight: Montezuma Oropendola
by Jake Jacoby | April 11, 2021

In January 2020, I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica in Central America. I departed from Tampa, changed planes in Miami and then arrived in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. The Costa Rica Colon is the country’s currency and was named after Christopher Columbus. The currency bills depict the wild animals and birds of Costa Rica and are both colorful and beautiful. Continue reading »

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