Welcome to Finland
by Guido Muratore | July 10, 2013

© Guido MuratoreWhen I think about bears, the first place that comes to my mind is Finland. The country has one of the largest bear populations in Europe, and the bear is the Finnish national animal. In April 2013, I visited Finland for ten days, trying to photograph the brown bears after they woke up from hibe...

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The Passion of Wildlife Photography
by Carl Donohue | April 17, 2013

© Carl DonohueThe topic of wildlife photography is an important one to me. I’ve admired the work of wildlife photographers since I was a kid, watching countless reruns of whatever documentary program the TV channels we received offered, or browsing, over and over again, the pages of National Geographic maga...

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Mountain Gorillas: More than a Photograph, an Experience
by | April 10, 2012

© Piper MackayThe first step in capturing compelling imagery is to be exited and passionate about what you are photographing. Experience what you are photographing and photograph the experience. This philosophy was quite easy to follow this past February when I went back to Rwanda to trek with the critically...

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Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
by Carolyn E. Wright | May 14, 2010

© Carolyn E. WrightThe vast beauty and richness of the desert can be easily seen in one place in Tucson, Arizona. Known as the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, this gorgeous and convenient site is host to a cornucopia of plants, birds and animals native to the desert. Home to more than 300 animal species and 1200 pla...

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Picking a Safari
by | October 1, 2008

© Joe McDonaldI travel a lot as a wildlife photographer and to me there’s no place like Africa for the absolute best in wildlife photography. Indeed, Africa gets in your blood, not as a malarial parasite but as a burning obsession, because for most, one visit simply isn’t enough. Most folks, befor...

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Language, Words, and Natural Resources
by Carl Donohue | March 1, 2008

© Carl DonohueHave you ever told anyone that you’re a natural resources photographer? I haven’t. I’ve also never mentioned to a passer-by that I was taking pictures of commodities or assets or units. My point concerns the importance of language, and how it shapes our perceptions and our acti...

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