Be Careful What You Wish For
by F.M. Kearney | March 10, 2016

Copyright F.M. KearneyThis article was originally published in NANPA (December 2015). Used with permission.

Living in New York City (or any other large metropolitan area) and choosing to pursue a career in nature photography can sometimes be an uphill battle. Local parks and botanical gardens are fine for flora...

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Photographing Florida’s Everglades
by Paul Marcellini | October 1, 2013

The Everglades is a special place to me; I grew up just 25 miles from the main park entrance. After college, I moved back to Miami and have been shooting the Everglades consistently for 6 years. Popular for bird photographers at tourist stops like Anhinga Trail, the Everglades has so much to off...

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Hometown Nature Photography
by Darren Huski | September 14, 2011

Some people live within a mountain range or at the doorstep of a national park. They have amazing scenery and big game right out their front door. I am not one of those people. I live on the flat of the south plains, and it is 507 miles to the nearest national park (not that I am counting).


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Monsoon Light
by Alex Mody | January 26, 2011

This past summer, I traveled and photographed for two weeks in Northern Arizona, chasing after the dramatic skies that so enthusiastically present themselves in tandem with the monsoon thunderstorms and intense 100+ degree heat. Simply put, the monsoon is a daily series of extremely powerful and...

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Sunset View
by Bret Edge | September 30, 2010

While assisting at a photo workshop in Arches National Park, the leader called it quits when warm sunset light failed to materialize. We all packed up our camera gear and loaded into cars for the trek back to Moab. No sooner had we hit the main park road than a faint wash of color started spread...

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A Photographers Guide to West Texas
by Darren Huski | June 24, 2010

Texas is known as a big state, but it is probably not really known as nature photography destination, except for hill country wildflowers. Most people also think of Texas as flat. Put those two together and that pretty much keeps photographers away. Now, in the populated eastern 2/3 of the state...

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Photographing Great Falls National Park
by Alex Mody | March 26, 2010

Just ten miles from Washington, D.C., Great Falls National Park is an often overlooked gem of our National Parks system. Here the mighty Potomac River, which acts as a watershed basin for a 11,000+ square mile area encompassing sections of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, dro...

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Photographing the Mountain Icons of Patagonia
by Jon Cornforth | January 4, 2010

Patagonia is located in the southern Andes mountain range along the border of Argentina and Chile. The area was made famous in the 1930s and 1950s by pioneering climbers like Jacques Poincenot, Lionel Terray, Cesare Maestri, and Toni Egger, who came to test themselves on the regions’ grani...

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Winter in Yellowstone
by Tom Vezo | March 1, 2008

It was still dark outside when we walked into the lobby of the Snow Lodge for a cup of coffee before breakfast. A few people were milling around discussing what the weather might be for the day. Weather is always the topic of discussion in the morning in Yellowstone National Park because it&#...

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A Photographic Safari to Zambia
by Marijn Heuts | October 1, 2006

Often described as one of Africa’s last true wildernesses, Zambia had been high on my wish list of destinations for some years. After terrific self-drive travels through South Africa, Swaziland and Namibia, this year we finally exchanged the beaten tarred and gravel tracks of Southern Afri...

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