When Order Matters
by Tim Grey | November 21, 2012

Organized filesPerhaps I’m biased, having “grown up” in a film photography world. Back then, more often then not sharing images meant putting slides into slide pages, with twenty images per page. And I actually spent time thinking about which order the images would be presented in and how the...

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Some Thoughts on Lightroom Keywords
by Chuq Von Rospach | August 20, 2012

Lightroom keywords for photographersFor most photographers, adding keywords and other meta data to their photos is a necessary evil. Many of us prefer to take photos, and putting in the time and energy to describe them during post-processing isn’t—fun. So we tend to do a minimal job of it.

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Missing Photo Mystery
by Tim Grey | April 3, 2012

© Tim GreyOne of the things I enjoy about publishing my daily Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter is that it often leads to something of a conversation among different readers. One question and it’s answer will trigger a question from another reader, and sometimes that question in turn leads to another quest...

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
by Juan Pons | February 28, 2007

Wild Nature PhotographyAdobe Photoshop Lightroom is the latest entry in the Digital Asset Management (DAM) arena, released mid-February 2007. Lightroom enters an increasingly competitive field that has had some established players, such as Extensis and iView, as well as some new players like Apple’s Aperture. Wh...

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