The Fuss About Fair Use
by Carolyn E. Wright | May 1, 2008

NatureScapesThese days, photographers are likely to find one or more of their images used without permission. One defense is often that it is a “fair use.” The challenge is determining whether the unauthorized use is an infringement or fair use. While only a court of law can make that decision,...

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Licensing Your Copyright
by Carolyn E. Wright | February 28, 2007

NatureScapesWhen you own the copyright of a photograph, you have complete and exclusive control of how it is reproduced, displayed and distributed. These rights may be assigned, sold, transferred or given away. But if you give a slide to a publisher, email a digital file to a client, or sell a print at an a...

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Calls for Changes in Orphan Works Proposal
by | March 1, 2006

NatureScapesThe Copyright Office has suggested legislation that, in its current form, could have a devastating impact on the professional photographers. The proposal would limit, or in some cases eliminate, the damages available against an infringer of an orphan work. An orphan work is a work presumed to ha...

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