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Our goal is to be an invaluable resource for nature photographers. By offering relevant content and nourishing a constantly growing community of photographers, our website offers a major contribution and positive force to the craft of nature photography around the world.

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Greg has been traveling the world teaching professional and amateur photographers for more than a decade hosting his instructional workshops and seminars. Instructing photographers of all experience levels Greg has earned a reputation for his gracious and generous teaching style. Continue reading »

E.J. Peiker E.J. Peiker Co-Founder, Editorial, Product Review Board, Landscapes Moderator Facebook NSN Portfolio Website

E.J. was born in 1960 in Augsburg, Germany and moved to Ohio in 1969. He attended Purdue University and earned a Bachelors Degree in Electrical… Continue reading »

Gary Briney Gary Briney Chief Forum Administrator

Gary grew up in the rural Midwest, where he acquired a love of nature and the outdoors. He began taking pictures at an early age, and later documented… Continue reading »

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Tara came to NatureScapes in 2009 with over 20 years experience in business administration and management. Known for her excellent customer service skills… Continue reading »

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Greg Basco
Contributing Writer

Greg Basco is a resident Costa Rican professional photographer and environmentalist who enjoys a working relationship with Canon. He is a Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice prizewinner, and his photos have been published by National Geographic and other magazines and have been used in many books, public exhibits, calendars, and other projects. Greg’s latest work in progress is a coffee table book of artistic photos from the rainforest.

In addition to his own photography, Greg truly enjoys working with tour clients to help them improve their photography and capture great photos of their own in the challenging habitats of Costa Rica. Indeed, he liked it so much that a few years ago he founded Foto Verde Tours, Costa Rica’s first and only travel company specializing in photographic tourism. Greg has been working for the past few years with NatureScapes co-founder Greg Downing to run hummingbird photography workshops in Costa Rica. Check out Greg’s website at www.deepgreenphotography.com.
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Gary Briney
Chief Forum Administrator

Gary grew up in the rural Midwest, where he acquired a love of nature and the outdoors. He began taking pictures at an early age, and later documented high school basketball with a medium format camera. He completed a degree in chemistry, and then served in the military, where he learned advanced darkroom techniques in his free time. After earning a doctorate in organic chemistry, Gary took a job with the R&D department of a company which made photographic films and papers. He developed several non-silver imaging products for use in making electronic printed circuits and color printing management. His lifelong passion for photography and processing techniques translated naturally to digital manipulation and non-traditional printing methods as he moved to full-frame digital. He now enjoys making platinum-palladium prints. Gary has been a moderator in NatureScapes’ Travel and Culture and Digital Art forums for several years.
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Alain Briot
Contributing Writer

Alain Briot approaches photography as a Fine Art. Alain’s goal is to express his personal vision of the subject rather than depict reality in a factual manner. Originally from France, Alain first studied painting and drawing at the Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris, before studying photography. His painting and drawing studies defined his approach to photography.

Alain works with large format film, medium format digital and 35mm digital. The choice of camera is based on Alain’s vision for each image. Alain’s goal is to create the most exciting photographs possible, bar none. His equipment, be it cameras, software, printers, etc. is chosen for its ability to make this possible. Alain’s vision of the landscape is of a place of beauty, a place where we can experience a direct contact with nature. For Alain the landscape is a place where we can find respite from the pressures and stresses of the 21st century. It is also a place where we can find inspiration and freedom of expression.

In addition to his Fine Art work, Alain teaches workshops, writes essays and publishes books and DVD tutorials. Alain is the author of Mastering Landscape Photography, Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity and Personal Style, and of Marketing Fine Art Photography. All three books are published by Rocky Nook. Alain is also the author of the Mastery Workshops on DVD series. Alain is a columnist for several websites. His writings have been translated in over 15 different languages.

You can find Alain’s photographs, read his essays and subscribe to his free newsletter on his website at www.beautiful-landscape.com. You can also email Alain directly at alain@beautiful-landscape.com.
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Cynthia Crawford
Forum Moderator, Photo and Digital Art

All her life Cindy has had an abiding love for the natural world. Her early years were spent in mid-New York State and Vermont where she maintained a strong interest in music and art. Cindy graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music and worked as a performing flutist and music teacher in Boston Massachusetts for many years. A move back to Vermont, where Cindy now lives, led to her present combination of interests. Music took a few new turns, and she became more serious about painting- in watercolors, primarily. Photography began to emerge as a means to capture subjects for her paintings, and gradually became another central interest. Both Cindy’s father and grandfather were photographers. She now integrates photography and art by creating what Cindy calls "photo-paintings." Cindy’s art shows include paintings, photos, photo-paintings and recordings she has made of birds combined with her own harp improvisations. Cynthia has three websites including: Art website: www.creaturekinships.com, Photography website: www.pbase.com/creaturekinships, Blog: creature-kinships.blogspot.com.
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Ron Day
Forum Moderator, Photo and Digital Art

Ron has actively photographed wildlife for the past 15 years. Through the art of photography, his goal is to reveal the character of his subject in its natural surroundings, and he strives to achieve that objective by knowing and understanding the species. He has significant experience photographing the red fox, his favorite species.

Ron’s work has been “Highly Honored” in the Windland Smith Rice International Awards, and has been a Tier One winner in NANPA’s Showcase competition. He is a member of the North American Nature Photography Association. You can view his images at www.rondayphotography.com.
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Carl Donohue
Contributing Writer

"I’m a wilderness advocate, and consider my photography a critical part of that journey. I’m also a fan of the creative process, of creating, of the experience of making art, which reflects the wildness within our selves; is creating art in the external wilderness perhaps a perfect union? When possible, I write, photograph, hike, camp and dally in the places I love; when I can’t, I imagine I’m writing, photographing, hiking, camping and dallying in the places I love," says Carl Donohue. "The lessons I learn in the wilderness are some of the most valuable experiences in my life, and for each of them, I’m grateful. I’m currently working on a book on Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park, Alaska, which grants me time in some absolutely amazing places. What a world!" For treks and phototours, visit www.expeditionsalaska.com. For stock photography, visit www.skolaiimages.com. And, says Carl, "For better living, visit the wild."
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Greg Downing
Founder and President

Greg has been traveling the world teaching professional and amateur photographers for more than a decade hosting his instructional workshops and seminars. Instructing photographers of all experience levels Greg has earned a reputation for his gracious and generous teaching style.

Greg’s images are known for their unique style, exacting composition and strict attention to detail. As an internationally recognized photographer, his numerous publishing credits include books, advertising campaigns and editorial publications such as Birding Magazine, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Birder’s World, National Geographic and many others. Especially passionate about birds, his images can also be found in printed form in several Wildbird Centers on the east coast, as well as appearing in private art exhibitions.

In 2003 Greg founded www.NatureScapes.net with E.J. Peiker and Heather Forcier. Today Greg is the Publisher, President and sole owner of the company and oversees all operations from his home base in Manchester, Maryland.

As Greg travels the world taking pictures he enjoys meeting others, teaching and sharing his passion while making new lifelong friends in the process.

To see more of Greg’s work visit his website at www.gdphotography.com.
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Bret Edge
Contributing Writer

Bret Edge is a nature and adventure photographer in Moab, Utah. His interest in photography evolved as an extension of his life long passion for the outdoors. He is an avid hiker, backpacker, mountain biker and canyoneer. A visit in 1999 to an exhibit featuring photographs by Ansel Adams, Jack Dykinga and David Muench stoked Bret’s creative fire such that he immediately purchased his first SLR camera, a Canon Rebel. In the years since, he has traveled extensively throughout the American West creating a diverse portfolio of dynamic images.

Bret’s work has appeared in magazines, calendars, travel guides and advertising campaigns. His clients include Backpacker magazine, Popular Photography, the Utah Office of Tourism, Charles Schwab & Co. and Jackson Hole Mountain Guides.

While Bret enjoys seeing his work in print, he receives the most satisfaction by helping others realize their potential as photographers. He accomplishes this by leading several group workshops each year and guiding photographers on private photo excursions. For information about his workshops and guided excursions, visit www.moabphotoworkshops.com. To view a collection of Bret’s images, visit www.bretedge.com.

Bret lives in Moab with his wife, Melissa, their son Jackson, and two All-Terrain Pugs named Bierstadt and Petunia.
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Bob Ettinger
Regional Moderator, Northeast Chapter

Bob was born and raised in Westchester County, NY and has lived there all his life. Bob started taking pictures in high school where he was photo editor of the yearbook. He started out using Nikon equipment and used Nikon until 2002 when he switched to Canon and in 2009 returned to the Nikon camp. Bob has had a career in Information Technology and Management Consulting ultimately creating his own IT consulting company based in Somers, NY. While actively consulting Bob spends time in and around New York taking pictures and travels to locations such as Alaska, Bosque, Florida and Yellowstone time permitting. Bob is a past president of the Nature and Wildlife Photographers of Long Island (NWPLI) photo club. When the club won the Nature’s Best Club category in 2006, several of his images were chosen to be displayed in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.
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Steve Fines
Product Review Board

Steve became interested in photography in the early 1980’s - first in high school and then college where he assisted in teaching a few classes. Early on Steve had the photojournalism bug. He headed to the Middle East and had the good fortune to be in Jerusalem in 1986 when the Intifada erupted. There, he did some work for a Palestinian newspaper and went through several K1000’s. Later on Steve developed more of an interest in wildlife and landscapes, aided by the conversion to digital in the late 90’s. Since then Steve has used Canon, Nikon, and Leica systems. Currently his photographic interests focus on landscape, macro and wildlife subjects, although he is equally fascinated by the software and hardware technologies that go into processing a digital image. Visit his website at: www.finesart.com.
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Neil Fitzgerald
Regional Moderator, Australasia Chapter

Neil grew up on a farm near the world famous Waitomo Caves in New Zealand, which naturally stimulated his interest in the outdoors. The photography bug bit Neil when his grandfather gave him his first SLR (a Pentax Spotmatic) as a teenager. In 2000, Neil graduated with a BSc in environmental science and has since worked with a Crown Research Institute on a range of terrestrial ecology projects. Neil has had a strong interest in birds for as long as he can remember (New Zealand is a land of birds after all), so they occupy a large amount of his photographic effort. Neil also enjoys trying to do justice to the country’s magnificent scenery, shooting New Zealand’s diverse but elusive reptiles, and exploring the macro world of the more easily overlooked but interesting components of native fauna. Visit his website at: www.neilfitzgeraldphoto.co.nz.
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Kristi Graham
Regional Moderator, Texas Chapter

Unlike many photographers whose passion for photography developed long ago as a child, Kristi first jumped into photography about six years ago. She started with a point-and-shoot and then progressed to an SLR and 600mm lens. She has been studying photography and shooting ever since. Kristi is passionate about the natural world and loves to lean about new things. She enjoys shooting all elements of nature, especially birds, and she strives for portrait style images. Photographing hummingbirds using a multi-flash set up has become a favorite of hers. Kristi is a native Texan and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science. She and her husband Mike have a wonderful eight year old daughter named Emily. Kristi’s goal is to have truly good pictures that are worth much more than a thousand words.
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Tim Grey
Contributing Writer

Tim Grey is regarded as one of the top educators in digital photography and imaging, offering clear guidance on complex subjects through his writing and speaking. He has written more than a dozen books on digital imaging for photographers, including the best-selling Photoshop CS4 Workflow and Color Confidence. He has also had hundreds of articles published in magazines such as Digital Photo Pro, Outdoor Photographer, and PC Photo, among others. He publishes the Ask Tim Grey email newsletter, as well as the Digital Darkroom Quarterly print newsletter. Tim teaches through workshops, seminars, and appearances at major events and is a member of the Photoshop World Dream Team of Instructors. Visit his website at: www.timgrey.com.
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Graeme Guy
Birds Forum Moderator

Graeme lives in Penang and is married to Helen and they have two adult daughters. Graeme was born in Wellington, New Zealand and educated in the Hutt Valley. He practiced as a pharmacist in Dunedin, Napier and Hamilton after earning a degree in pharmacy. He later earned a BSc and MSc Hons from Waikato University in Hamilton before completing a PhD in Biochemistry in Adelaide, Australia in 1982. After a 5 year stint in Birmingham, U.K. he moved to Singapore where he was a Professor and Principal Investigator at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology from 1988 and is an author of over 100 scientific papers. He is now retired and currently lives in Malaysia.

Nature photography has always been an interest but was taken up seriously in the last 15 years and he has won over 1,200 awards in International exhibitions as well as 30 cover pictures and a number of published articles and images. Graeme does only nature photography and specializes in high-speed photography. He has traveled to Africa a number of times, Falkland Islands, USA, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Costa Rica as well as shooting in many places in Singapore and Malaysia.

Graeme has been a member of PSA, PSNZ and he founded the Nature Photographic Society of Singapore in 1999. He has been a member of APS since 1996 and obtained FAPs in 2001. He was the top exhibitor in PSA-sponsored Nature Prints for five years as well as second in Nature slides for six years. Graeme has judged International Salons in Singapore, Austria and Australia as well as teaching students nature photography for over a decade. He has exhibited in a number of group events and had a solo print exhibition in Penang In 2013.
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KK Hui
Forum Moderator, Birds Forum

KK Hui is an amazing bird photographer from Hong Kong, China. He sees photography as an art allowing the photographer to ’paint’ the awesomeness of what he sees in nature—color, lighting and composition in his unique style. He has been a moderator for the Birds Forum in NatureScapes.Net since June 2004. Visit KK’s website at kkhui.t15.org.
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Colin Inman
Regional Moderator, Europe Chapter

Colin Inman was born in the English Lake District in the mid 70’s, and grew up on his father’s farm. He has always lived in this beautiful corner of the world where his love of the natural world has developed and blossomed. While he has built a career in engineering, his love of nature in general and birds in particular has seen him sit on the council of Cumbria Bird Club & Walney Bird Observatory. When Colin became interested in photography then the obvious subjects were wildlife—mainly but by no means exclusively birds, and also the beautiful landscapes around him.
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John Labrenz
Forum Moderator, Landscapes Forum

John is a Chemical Engineer who lives in Alberta, Canada. He is an avid fly fisherman of over 30 years whose lifelong interest in photography has been reignited with the advent of DSLRs. Although John focuses primarily on photographing landscapes, cooperative insects occasionally provide him with opportunities to shoot macro subjects as well. Some of John’s images can be seen in his NatureScapes portfolio.
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Missy Mandel
Forum Moderator, Birds Forum

Missy loves photography, as it allows her to better appreciate the wonderful things she sees. Nature somehow connected with something deep inside of her, greatly influencing how she sees and photographs the world.
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Cindy Marple
Forum Moderator - Wildlife

Cindy enjoys photographing a variety of nature subjects, but birds are a current favorite. She loves to travel to see and photograph the amazing sights our planet offers. To share her travels with others, she regularly presents programs to local camera clubs and other organizations. Cindy supports the education and outreach programs of her local Audubon chapter with photos for a variety of uses such as a "Bird Bingo" game for children to play on bird walks. She writes a regular column and contributes photo essays for their newsletter. Cindy has been an active member of NatureScapes forums from the start, and has published articles on the site. She is currently serves NatureScapes as a member of the Editorial Team and as a Moderator in the Wildlife Forum.
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Joe McDonald
Contributing Writer

Joe McDonald has been photographing wildlife and nature for over forty years, and has been a full-time professional since 1983. He has been published in every major North American nature publication and is represented by several stock agencies. With his wife Mary Ann, Joe teaches photography and digital workshops from his home in central Pennsylvania. Additionally, he and his wife spend at least 50% of an average year traveling, leading photo tours and safaris for photographers. Joe is a master of electronic flash, and regularly incorporates flash into his high-speed action work. That, and capturing defining moments, such as action or a telling portrait, is his photography specialty. His favorite location for photography is the East African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda, and Joe has had seven BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners from this region. In 2009 this duo completed their 50th mountain gorilla trek in Rwanda. Visit his website at: www.hoothollow.com.
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Gaurav Mittal
Forum Moderator, Birds Forum

Gaurav Mittal is a bird photographer and a blogger who grew up with a passion for animals and wildlife in his native birthplace of New Delhi, India. Gaurav migrated to the U.S. at the age of fifteen. After completing his college, he pursued a career in tax consulting in the Washington D.C. area. It was, however the love for the wild that eventually brought the focus back in his life and a determination to follow his heart, to be a wildlife photographer. Gaurav’s passion for photographing birds began in 2011 in Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico where observing the Sandhill Cranes brought a sense of harmony and a new vision to him. A moment he captured and fondly calls, “Kissed in The Mist” left him with a vision to continue on further and explore and learn about birds and how he can present their beauty through photography. His desire to be a top class bird photographer has led him to places such as Bharatpur, Bosque, Alaska, New York, Costa Rica and Florida, where he has worked under world-class photographers to improve his skills. Visit his website at www.GauravMittal.com and his blog www.GauravMittal.com/blog to learn more.
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Jeffrey Muñoz
Forum Moderator, Travel and Culture

Jeffrey was born in San José, Costa Rica. He studied biosciences at the University of Costa Rica and later at the National Learning Institute, where he earned his certification as a general naturalist guide for Costa Rica. His first travels abroad to the United States and South America taught him the importance of being conscious of other cultures. This awareness is what led him to want to educate people about his own culture and into the field of ecotourism. He started working as a guide in early 1998 because he wanted to be closer to nature as well as to the Costa Rican people. These experiences, as well as his travels to Canada, Ecuador, Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Panama, and Nicaragua made him aware of the importance of nature, its conservation, and the world’s cultural heritage.

“My experience as a licensed naturalist guide over the past eighteen years has been invaluable. I have worked with groups in Costa Rica’s main continental and marine areas that include: wholesalers, photographers, journalists, senior citizens, families, students, naturalists, bird watchers, and adventure travelers. All of these people have been the main inspiration to continue with my personal environmental and cultural education.”

He received his Photo Instructor certification in a multi-day training workshop. Developed and taught by National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions photographers, the workshop helped him develop additional insight and skills necessary to help you better understand your camera and the basics of composition—to better capture the moments at the heart of your expedition.
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Alan Murphy
Forum Moderator, Birds Forum

Alan Murphy has been captivated by birds since his childhood in England. Even in his youth, Alan found himself inextricably drawn to nature; growing up he found solace from the trials of life under a canopy of trees while in the company of birds. Upon immigrating to the United States, Alan found himself overwhelmed and somewhat intimidated by the diversity of bird species. He began photographing birds twelve years ago as a way to help distinguish the subtle variations of different species. Alan lives in Houston and is a full time bird photographer who leads bird photography workshops. Alan’s numerous photo credits include National Geographic, Birding, Birders World, WildBird, Bird Watcher’s Digest, North American Birds, Texas Birds, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Highways, British Birds, and more. His photos have been published in field guides, books, CD-ROM’s, calendars, and postcards, including two books on bird photography that he has authored. Visit Alan’s website at: www.alanmurphyphotography.com and his blog at: www.alanmurphyphotography.com/blog.
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Jim Neely
Regional Moderator, Texas Chapter

For Jim, photography has been a passion since age six, when he got a box camera for his birthday. In junior high, high school, and college, Jim worked as a photographer for his school papers. Jim worked his way through high school and Amarillo College in a commercial studio and was a partner in a studio in Austin, Texas before he began working with computers in the mid 1960s to support his family. Nature photography has been a strong interest of Jim’s for many years and a burning passion since 2001 when digital imaging became an intense interest. Over the years Jim has accumulated the desired bird and nature photography equipment and now uses Canon digital cameras and lenses with Adobe Photoshop as his image editing tool of choice. Jim recently retired from the computer consulting business and now concentrates on nature photography as a vocation/avocation. Visit his website at: www.jneely.net.
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E.J. Peiker
Editorial Staff, Product Review Board, and Forum Moderator - Landscapes

E.J. was born in 1960 in Augsburg, Germany and moved to Ohio in 1969. He attended Purdue University and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and completed graduate studies in Microelectronics and Semiconductor Physics. After working for the Intel Corporation for 27 years, he is now retired from the electronics industry and is a professional freelance photographer. E.J. and has formally studied photography at the University of New Mexico and completed courses from The Rocky Mountain School of Photography. E.J. has two sons, and has lived in Chandler, Arizona since 1994. A photographic specialty is artistic images of ducks and E.J. has published the book Ducks of North America - The Photographer's Guide. E.J. is also prolific in landscape photography, his first photographic love. E.J.'s photographs have been published worldwide in books, advertising, magazines, billboards, murals and more. Some of his publishers and clients include The National Geographic Society, World Wildlife Fund, The United States National Parks Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, the United States Navy, State Parks Arizona, Barrons, and Dorling Kindersley. New Zealand Post honored E.J. by making one of his penguin images the primary image for their 2014 Commemorative Antarctica Ross Dependency Stamp set. He has also been named one of the top 100 Wildlife Photographers in the world by Eastern Europe's Digital Photographer Magazine. Visit his website at: www.ejphoto.com.
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Richard Peters
Product Review Board

Richard specializes in nature and wildlife photography, but will point his camera towards any subject if inspired to do so. Between shifts at his job in the media industry he can be found out with his camera, enjoying all that England has to offer. Although London based he also spends a lot of time in America, specifically Florida which has become almost like a second home, and as a result has had images published in both UK and U.S. magazines. You can see more of Richards’ work on his portfolio site and also follow his photography from a more personal and informative perspective, by reading his ever growing blog. Visit his website at: www.richardpeters.co.uk and his blog at: www.richardpeters.co.uk/blog.
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Matthew Pugh
Forum Moderator, Flora and Macro Forum

Matthew was born into a working class family in the 1960’s in the east end of London, where he was also raised. He first became involved with photography and art in school, and continued to pursue both interests after he entered the workforce, by attending night school in order to have access to photography equipment. Matthew has always had a love of the natural world and because of the confines of living within a city environment, for Matthew photographing nature mostly involved examining the fascinating life of the smaller critters, which he still enjoys today. Of his tiny subjects, Matthew says, "They may not quite hold the grandeur and immediate impact of the larger animals, but they certainly hold a wonder all of their own."
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Jamie Umak
Web & Media Design, Marketing

Jamie is a creative designer that is driven by her passion for adding style to a variety of mediums, especially for the web and other interactive platforms. She is a graduate of Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts, specializing in multimedia studies, and has experience working as a designer for two prominent interactive companies in Maryland. As a professional of ten years, she is constantly expanding her skillset, which includes designing and building for the web and interactive devices, multimedia projects, and graphic design. Additionally, she has also won several professional design awards showcasing her talents. Visit her website at www.jamieumak.com.
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Jim Urbach
Forum Moderator, Birds Forum

Jim has been taking images for over 40 years. For 27 of those years he was a dedicated orthopedic surgeon. For at least 10 years he took primarily family pictures and then planned vacations at many scenic U.S. locations at their prime times after stumbling on Outdoor Photographer magazine.

All changed in 1992 when he went to Alaska with a 300 f2.8 lens. This was his first experience with large mammals and he has endeavored ever since trying to capture wildlife images. Jim has been a workshop participant with many NSN moderators over the years learning from their expertise.

He retired early in 1999 and since then his traveling has expanded enabling him to photograph all over the world including Antarctica, Africa, Japan, Iceland, India and numerous trips to Canada.

Jim has been an active member of NSN since its inception. His images have appeared on calendars, Birder’s World magazine, Nature’s Best magazine, and Audubon publications. Jim’s love of the outdoors and trying to capture the beauty of nature extends from macro to both birds and mammal photography. He continuously strives to tailor his travels each season to what nature offers. Since 1995 he has submitted stock images to Superstock.com. Jim periodically updates his images on his website: www.jimurbach.smugmug.com.
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Jan Wegener
Product Review Board

Jan has had a great passion for birds and photography since he can remember and he became involved with both at a very young age. In recent years, his passion has grown more serious and he has traveled to many places all over the world to photograph birds including Canada, USA, Norway and many other European countries. Jan is a 23 year old business student at the Berlin School of Economics and lives in Berlin, Germany. After he graduates from University, he hopes to be able to spend even more time on bird photography and traveling to eventually become a pro photographer. Visit his website at: www.vogelfotografien.de.
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Tom Whelan
Forum Moderator, Flora and Macro Forum

Tom Whelan is a nature photographer and naturalist who specializes in close-up photography of plants and insects, portraits of wildlife, and intimate landscapes. His images range from abstracts of natural designs, to butterfly portraits and high magnification images of ice crystals, to forest and waterfall scenes. Tom is active in conservation and land stewardship in his home area in Massachusetts, working on invasive plant removal projects, fund raising for conservation projects, and serving on the board of a town conservation organization. He is a member of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, the North American Butterfly Association, and the Massachusetts Butterfly Club. His clients include the City of Aspen, Colorado, Trent University, Ontario, the North American Butterfly Association, the Boston Museum of Science, and others. Tom’s photographs have won awards in competitions sponsored by the National Wildlife Foundation and the North American Butterfly Association. Visit his website at: www.whelanphoto.com or his blog at tomwhelan.wordpress.com.
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Tara Woodfin
Operations Manager

Tara came to NatureScapes in 2009 with over 20 years experience in business administration and management. Known for her excellent customer service skills and attention to detail, she manages nearly every aspect of NatureScapes from the store, forums, office administration and assists in the development of NatureScapes workshops.

Tara lives in Maryland with her two children and her beloved pit bull. She continues to expand her knowledge by pursuing a higher degree at the University of Maryland in their renowned Business Administration program. She is active in the community and has devoted countless hours volunteering to help homeless animals in the Baltimore Metro area.

Tara’s photography experience started as a little girl working with older 35mm film cameras. Some of Tara’s favorite subjects are landscapes and photographing her children as they grow.
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Carolyn E. Wright
Contributing Writer and Forum Moderator, Business Topics Forum

Carolyn E. Wright is a full-time attorney whose practice is aimed squarely at the legal needs of photographers. Carolyn understands the special issues that confront both professional and amateur photographers alike.

A professional photographer herself, Carolyn has the legal credentials and the experience to protect your rights.Carolyn wrote the book, the "Photographer’s Legal Guide," which was released in 2006 and updated in 2010. Carolyn specializes in wildlife photography and also provides legal information for photographers for free at www.photoattorney.com.
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