EIZO ColorEdge CG245W
by Marsel van Oosten | January 24, 2012

My first serious computer monitor was a LaCie Electron Blue IV, an incredibly heavy, blue beast. It served me well for many years until recently. It can no longer reach the desired brightness, so I had to start looking for an alternative.

At the time when I bought the massive LaCie CRT scree...

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PowerEx Batteries and MH-C801D Charger
by Glenn Bartley | August 31, 2011


Product Overview

The Batteries

PowerEx batteries come in two types—the standard high capacity 2700 NiMH version and the newer Imedion low discharge 2400 NiMH version. Both are very high quality batteries that can be charged hundreds of times and have no charge memory (meaning that they...

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Gitzo GT1541T 6x Carbon Fiber Tripod Review
by Kari Post | February 21, 2011

Editor’s Note: The Gitzo GT1541T has been discontinued and replaced by the Gitzo GT1542T since this article was first published.

I love the wilderness. There is nothing quite like the feeling of venturing into the untamed back country and finding yourself in a remote area, seldom t...

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MacBook Air Comparison
by Kah Kit Yoong | February 14, 2011

In an attempt to shed a bit of weight off my carry-on luggage, I purchased an ‘Ultimate’ edition Macbook Air to replace one of my current MacBook Pros. For the record I usually bring two notebook computers on my trips, just in case one fails – it would be disastrous not to be a...

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Clik Elite Camera Capsule Product Review
by Kari Post | October 29, 2010

Any seasoned backcountry enthusiast knows that a well organized pack is key to a successful trip into the wilderness. Backpackers organize gear into stuff sacks, pouches, and pockets to make packing a precise process and items easier to find as they are needed. It seems that Clik Elite, the comp...

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Clik Elite Compact Sport Backpack Review
by Kari Post | July 9, 2010

As a backpacker, climber, paddler, and cyclist, I spend a considerable amount of time in the wilderness, even when not out photographing nature. Ever since I started backpacking, I’ve found myself incredibly disappointed by functionality, comfort, and design of photo backpacks.


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Naneu K4L Review
by Marc Langille | March 3, 2010

Editor’s Note: The Naneu K4L is a photo backpack “designed to function as a laptop backpack, camera bag, and travel backpack for the ultimate in professional convertibility, without looking like a photo/laptop backpack for security reasons” as described on Naneu’s website...

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Review: LensCoat Covers
by Richard Peters | February 5, 2010

One of my non-photographer friends once asked me why my lenses were covered in camo. “Surely it’s a waste of time and looks silly!” he said. Looks silly? Well ok, depending on the situation, he may have had a point. But waste of time, absolutely not! LensCoat lens covers are no...

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Review: Gitzo 5541LS Tripod
by Richard Peters | January 14, 2010

Whether you’re a medium/large format photographer, a big lens shooter using lenses like a 600mm f4, 800 f5.6, or Sigma 300-800 zoom, or just after a solid base for landscapes and macro, one thing is certain – you need very sturdy support. Enter Gitzo’s mighty GT5541LS.

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