Night Photography
by | January 18, 2012

© Roman KurywczakI have been fascinated by the night sky since I was a child. Living in New Jersey, I really wasn’t able to see that many stars because of all the light pollution. My parents had a place in the Catskills, and I spent my childhood summers there with my brothers and extended family. That is w...

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Scotland – A Photographer’s Guide
by | January 17, 2012

© Bill LockhartScotland is a special place, especially for photographers who are eager to capture its splendid landscapes. Its moors, glens, and mountains offer a romantic vision of what life once was, or is, or can be. It is a place to find peace and beauty like no other place on earth. Its sharp contrasts of...

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Know Your Subject Intimately and Render it Uniquely
by | September 29, 2011

© Gloria HopkinsEditor’s note: The following is an excerpt from Gloria’s photography eBook, Natural Design: Image Design for Nature Photographers.

What is the key to making your nature photographs unique—to rising above today’s oceans of spectacular nature photographs? How do you get n...

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Photographing Arches National Park-Courthouse Wash
by | September 6, 2011

© Bret EdgeThe Grand Circle encompasses the largest concentration of spectacular national parks and monuments found anywhere in America. It is a region of diverse landscapes and extreme beauty, all connected by a network of scenic backroads. Arches National Park isn’t the largest park in this region...

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Finding Character Through Your Macro Lens
by Mike Moats | September 3, 2011

© Mike MoatsIf you have ever had a chance to see a performance by the singer Lady Gaga, you would be amazed by some of the elaborate costumes she wears in concert. It is part of her shock and awe style that she brings to the stage. I have heard many comments by those who have seen her perform, and the com...

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