Language, Words, and Natural Resources
by Carl Donohue | March 1, 2008

© Carl DonohueHave you ever told anyone that you’re a natural resources photographer? I haven’t. I’ve also never mentioned to a passer-by that I was taking pictures of commodities or assets or units. My point concerns the importance of language, and how it shapes our perceptions and our acti...

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Conservation Photography: A One-Year Follow Up
by | July 31, 2007

© Eleanor Kee WellmanWhile photographing the breeding cycle of Common Terns on a local lake during 2005 I discovered that none of the hatched chicks survived to fledge. As this did not bode well for the survival of the colony, I decided to see what could be done for the following season.

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Partnering for Youth
by | April 1, 2006

Youth photographersAll of us hear the conservation message repeatedly—preserve what we have or it won’t be there for the next generation, right? I’m sure most of you educate yourselves on what you can do. You learn about your subjects before photographing them, use low-impact techniques to reduce ris...

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Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright?
by | July 1, 2005

© AB ApanaMore than any other animal the tiger stands out as the defining symbol of wildlife in the Indian sub-continent. As commonly known, the tiger once thrived all over India, but what is not known is that with the ascendancy of the British Raj, the tiger was considered to be vermin, and the slaughter...

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