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Alaskan nature photographer-writer Tom Walker is a 40-year resident of Alaska who enjoys traveling the state. He has authored numerous books. For more information, please visit his website, www.tomwalkerphotography.com.

Snow Bird
by Tom Walker | March 31, 2007

© Tom Walker“If you thought winter was over, think again,” the weatherman said. “A cold front is sweeping down from the north and will hit here tomorrow night. Get out those jackets and coats you put away. It’s dropping to 60, with inland areas down to 30. That’s cold.”

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Alaska Bears: Four Prime Viewing Locations
by Tom Walker | July 1, 2006

NatureScapesBrown bears (grizzlies) and black bears rarely use the same feeding areas. However, the largest pink salmon run in southeast Alaska, sometimes over 100,000 fish, lures both species to Anan Creek. Brown bears fish upstream in early morning and late evening hours; black bears snag salmon mid-day o...

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Into the Eyes of a Grizzly
by Tom Walker | June 1, 2006

© Tom WalkerSnow had been falling for about two hours. Not a hard snow but a steady, persistent one. The tundra ground cover was already buried by just two inches of wet flakes. I was hunkered behind a three-foot tall willow, the tallest tree around. The snow was not unwelcome. I don’t mind watching a...

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