The Advantages of Trademark Registration
by Carolyn E. Wright | January 3, 2010

NatureScapes.netTrademarks (or servicemarks) allow people to identify the source of goods or services, not the products or services themselves. When people see your trademark, they will know where the product came from or who is providing the service. Trademarks can be names, symbols, packaging, the shape of a...

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The Fuss About Fair Use
by Carolyn E. Wright | May 1, 2008

NatureScapesThese days, photographers are likely to find one or more of their images used without permission. One defense is often that it is a “fair use.” The challenge is determining whether the unauthorized use is an infringement or fair use. While only a court of law can make that decision,...

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Book Review: The Photographer’s Legal Guide
by | January 31, 2007

Photographer's Legal GuideCarolyn Wright has participated on the forums for years and I have come to respect not only her knowledge on legal issues specific to photographers, but also her ability to draw on real-world experience and explain matters in a way that just about anyone could understand.

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