Panning: Painting with Light
by Ben Fuchs | December 5, 2012

© Ben FuchsPhotography in Greek means painting with light. Panning is one way photographers can practice painting with light while produce results that resemble real paintings.

The optimal exposure time for panning is (depending on the subject) about 0.8s. If it is too short, the amount of panning is oft...

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When Order Matters
by Tim Grey | November 21, 2012

Organized filesPerhaps I’m biased, having “grown up” in a film photography world. Back then, more often then not sharing images meant putting slides into slide pages, with twenty images per page. And I actually spent time thinking about which order the images would be presented in and how the...

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A Panoramic Challenge
by Tim Grey | October 22, 2012

© Tim GreyPicture a panoramic image in your mind. It’s horizontal, isn’t it? Of course it is, because a horizontal panoramic image is just the most logical result of panoramic photography. But every now and then, you may want to create a vertical panorama, and that can present some challenges....

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Jump-Start Your Autumn Photography
by Jeff Newcomer | September 28, 2012

© Jeff NewcomerAs a New England photographer, the couple of weeks of autumn’s riotous punctuation to summer is the one annual opportunity that simply can’t be missed. In my region of southern New Hampshire and Vermont, peak color is usually around the Columbus Day holiday. By mid September I find myself ga...

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