Fisheye Lens Landscapes
by Darren Huski | May 16, 2011

© Darren HuskiWide angle lenses are a staple of landscape photography. The wide angle zoom seems to be the modern standard in everyone’s camera bag. Often, when a grand landscape presents itself, the wide zoom is the first and sometimes only lens that gets used. It seems that “go wide and include...

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Long Lens Landscapes
by Bret Edge | October 20, 2010

© Bret EdgePick up most any coffee table book featuring landscape photography and you’ll likely be confronted with image after image of sweeping vistas and vast panoramas. Most of the images are probably photographed using a wide angle to moderate focal length lens. What you won’t see are a bun...

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Infrared Photography
by Deborah Sandidge | September 14, 2010

© Deborah SandidgePhotographers from the novice to the professional can photograph in infrared. Infrared light surrounds you—you just can’t see it. However, when you use a special filter with your digital camera, it becomes capable of recording infrared light. You can learn to envision the behavior and ef...

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Herp Photography
by Pierson Hill | September 13, 2010

© Pierson HillSo what exactly is “herp photography?” Aside from the subject matter—reptiles and amphibians—there is no single defining attribute. Because the increasingly popular discipline spans a wide range of techniques, gear, and strategies, this article will serve as a primer and will sim...

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Helicopter Photography Primer
by E.J. Peiker | August 31, 2010

E.J. Peiker and helicopterEditor’s note: This article has been updated and republished from a 2004 archive. All text and images copyright E.J. Peiker, all rights reserved.

Many of the more beautiful and dramatic areas in the world offer helicopter tours to get a birds-eye view of the spectacular landscape. Heli...

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Bird Photography Off the Beaten Path
by Fabiola Forns | August 28, 2010

© Fabiola FornsBird photography is my passion and has been for many years now. There is nothing I enjoy more than finding a bird and then capturing an image of it, the way I had dreamed. Creating beautiful bird pictures can be very rewarding and sometimes I want to push the envelope a bit and create something...

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Photoshop CS5 – E.J.’s Perspective
by E.J. Peiker | July 23, 2010

© E.J. PeikerThe much anticipated release of Photoshop CS5 is here! I have been using both the Mac and the Windows version for a couple of months now. It is a great update in several ways and falls short of expectations in others. While the features that have been updated or changed significantly are numerou...

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Have Boat, Will Photograph
by Kari Post | April 29, 2010

© Kari PostPhotographing nature and outdoor subjects from a boat gives a photographer a unique perspective and can allow a photographer to get original photographs of often photographed subjects or approach a subject that would otherwise be impossible to photograph. Any subject can be photographed from a b...

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