About the Author

Kyle McDougall is a professional landscape photographer based out of Ontario, Canada. He strives to showcase the spirit of the land in hopes that others can both re-connect and grow a deeper appreciation for the wilderness. With training in both still photography and motion picture film Kyle has had the opportunity to develop his skills through both mediums. His career has taken him across North America from the wilds of Alaska to the shores of the East Coast working as both a cinematographer and photographer for television and print media. His goal is to inspire and educate others artistically, creatively and emotionally through images, workshops and writing. To view more of his work please visit his website: www.kylemcdougallphoto.com.

Overcoming Creative Dry Spells
by Kyle McDougall | June 1, 2014

© Kyle McDougallCreativity, passion, drive, these are all things that over time I’ve come to realize can never run consistently at one hundred percent. As photographers, we live creative lives with the next image always on our minds. We constantly strive to take our work to the next level. Both consciously an...

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Freeing Your Creative Mind
by Kyle McDougall | January 30, 2013

© Kyle McDougallThere is a good chance that we all became interested in landscape photography for similar reasons. I know for myself, the bold, dramatic images that I saw online and in books were what first caught my attention. Heavy contrast/saturated pictures that jump off the page do a good job of giving peo...

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