Special Effects in Photoshop and In Camera
by Fabiola Forns | May 1, 2007

© Fabiola FornsThe popularity of digital photography has brought many changes to the world of images. One of the lesser known may be the ability to create art out of our pictures, with the aid of Photoshop and an array of plugins and stand-alone programs designed to enhance, manipulate and alter images, all in...

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Processing and Saving Photos for the Web
by Juza | April 30, 2007

© JuzaPublishing photos on the web is the best way to share experiences and to learn with other photographers, and it is a great way to publicize your work. To create an effective web presentation, it is necessary to follow some basic steps top resize, sharpen and save the photo.

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Light Illuminates, Shadow Defines
by Charles Glatzer | March 31, 2007

© Charles GlatzerMy success as a commercial photographer has been characterized by my ability to see and understand light. Wildlife photography is the same without exception. Being able to see and understand light, its quality and quantity, physical properties, etc., and how they relate to your subject and captu...

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Star Trail Photography
by E.J. Peiker | November 1, 2006

© E.J. PeikerWould you like to take some interesting photos that will wow your viewers, and you get to enjoy some time in solitude? Why not try some star trail photography!?

As our planet Earth rotates around its axis every 24 hours, the star field that we see in our night sky rotates around the polar axis...

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The Economics of Digital Photo Sensors
by E.J. Peiker | September 1, 2006

© E.J. PeikerQuite frequently, I see written on NatureScapes.net and many other photography sites that Canon is ripping off the public with their full sensor cameras since they cost approximately double what a cropped sensor camera costs. Having worked in the semiconductor industry for over 23 years, over ha...

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The Basics of Nature Photography
by Cindy Marple | August 1, 2006

© Cindy MarpleAre you new to nature photography? Feeling a little unsure of how to get started in your quest to make beautiful images? If you want to consistently make good photos, there is a lot to learn. Fortunately, there are a tremendous number of resources out there to help you, but these can also be ove...

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The Art of Abstract Macro Photography
by Michael Brown | June 1, 2006

© Michael BrownEditor’s note: This article was originally published in June, 2006, and is being featured again with its original text and one new image. Our thanks to Michael Brown.

From Wikipedia online encyclopedia: “Abstract art is now generally understood to mean art that does not depict ob...

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