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Benjamin Fuchs (30) is a former mechanic and currently finished his engineering degree. He discovered his love for nature photography in 2007, and has since focused on photographing local landscapes and the details of his immediate surroundings, but he has also traveled to Norway, Italy, and the Alps in pursuit of images. Benjamin's goal is not simply to take striking nature photos, but for his pictures to capture his own creative vision. To see more of Benjamin's images, visit his Facebook site and also his blog for occasional articles.

Panning: Painting with Light
by Ben Fuchs | December 5, 2012

© Ben FuchsPhotography in Greek means painting with light. Panning is one way photographers can practice painting with light while produce results that resemble real paintings.

The optimal exposure time for panning is (depending on the subject) about 0.8s. If it is too short, the amount of panning is oft...

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