Light Illuminates, Shadow Defines
by Charles Glatzer | March 31, 2007

© Charles GlatzerMy success as a commercial photographer has been characterized by my ability to see and understand light. Wildlife photography is the same without exception. Being able to see and understand light, its quality and quantity, physical properties, etc., and how they relate to your subject and captu...

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Svalbard: The Polar Oasis
by Jasper Doest | December 31, 2006

© Jasper DoestNot many people are familiar with the Svalbard archipelago, and this might be one of the reasons why it is such a splendid place for nature photographers. The archipelago lies at 78º N and only 900km away from the North Pole. Although being that far north in the Arctic region, due to the circul...

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Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright?
by AB Apana | July 1, 2005

© AB ApanaMore than any other animal the tiger stands out as the defining symbol of wildlife in the Indian sub-continent. As commonly known, the tiger once thrived all over India, but what is not known is that with the ascendancy of the British Raj, the tiger was considered to be vermin, and the slaughter...

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Book Review: Dynamic Wildlife Photography
by Heather Forcier | December 1, 2004

Dynamic Wildlife PhotographyIt seems like I rarely get the chance to read books anymore, but once I got my hands on Dynamic Wildlife Photography I found it an easy and interesting read. The introduction immediately struck a chord and the writing reflects the authors’ warm personality plus humor specific to our ende...

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