About the Author

Guido Muratore is a young Italian wildlife photographer based in Turin where he is working towards his Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering. In this city he had the possibility to meet people who introduced him to wildlife photography and was shocked and captivated by the beauty of nature. Today his pictures have been published on various nature websites and he is a contributor to the photography section of a binoculars forum. To learn more about Guido, visit his website and Facebook page.

Welcome to Finland
by Guido Muratore | July 10, 2013

© Guido MuratoreWhen I think about bears, the first place that comes to my mind is Finland. The country has one of the largest bear populations in Europe, and the bear is the Finnish national animal. In April 2013, I visited Finland for ten days, trying to photograph the brown bears after they woke up from hibe...

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