Scotland – A Photographer’s Guide
by | January 17, 2012

© Bill LockhartScotland is a special place, especially for photographers who are eager to capture its splendid landscapes. Its moors, glens, and mountains offer a romantic vision of what life once was, or is, or can be. It is a place to find peace and beauty like no other place on earth. Its sharp contrasts of...

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E.J. Peiker’s New Zealand Diary
by E.J. Peiker | December 1, 2011

© E.J. PeikerFrom the Editor: In October 2012, professional photographer and co-founder E.J. Peiker will lead a twelve day NSN Certified workshop to New Zealand. In this article, E.J. shares with us his diary of his first trip to these beautiful South Pacific islands and relates his experie...

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Magical Tanzania
by Greg Downing | November 1, 2011

© Greg DowningAs a professional nature photographer and traveler I often get asked, “What is your favorite location to photograph nature?” And, while it’s hard to choose a true “favorite” location, East Africa seems like an obvious top choice for anyone, including seasoned world...

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La Jolla Cove
by Carolyn E. Wright | November 1, 2011

© Carolyn E. WrightOn a chilly January day, it can be difficult to find the inspiration to get your camera out of its bag. That is, unless you head to La Jolla, California for some spectacular bird photography. There, pelicans are roosting in their beautiful breeding plumage just a few steps from your parking spac...

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Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
by Kari Post | July 19, 2011

© Kari PostChincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is a true coastal treasure as far as nature observation and wildlife photography are concerned, and it is my favorite place to shoot in the Mid-Atlantic. Located on the lower half of the Assateague Peninsula in Virginia right near the Maryland state border,...

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Roads More Traveled
by Royce Howland | March 23, 2011

© Royce HowlandThe famous Robert Frost poem, “The Road Not Taken,” ends with a few lines that are easily seen as inspiration for the outdoor photographer:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

But what...

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San Miguel Church
by Paul Klenck | January 4, 2011

© Paul KlenckThis year, I was fortunate to be able to join the Bosque event. Workshop leaders and fellow photographers greatly added to enjoyment and learning opportunities of this amazing location, the perfect setting for beautiful images and great stories. It was a privilege to be there an...

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The Florida Everglades
by Fabiola Forns | October 10, 2010

© Fabiola FornsRiver of Grass

Once named the River of Grass by conservationist Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, the Florida Everglades is a place like no other in our world. The Everglades is a mosaic of sawgrass marshes, pine rockland forests, tropical hardwood hammocks, mangrove swamps and coastal estuaries. It...

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Helicopter Photography Primer
by E.J. Peiker | August 31, 2010

E.J. Peiker and helicopterEditor’s note: This article has been updated and republished from a 2004 archive. All text and images copyright E.J. Peiker, all rights reserved.

Many of the more beautiful and dramatic areas in the world offer helicopter tours to get a birds-eye view of the spectacular landscape. Heli...

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Planning the Perfect Photo Vacation
by Bret Edge | June 1, 2010

© Bret EdgeI’m a serial planner. In the weeks leading up to a trip I obsess over maps and guidebooks, and I spend inordinate amounts of time on Google searching for photos and information about my chosen destination. Some call it a sickness. I call it, well…a sickness. But if anything good may...

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Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
by Carolyn E. Wright | May 14, 2010

© Carolyn E. WrightThe vast beauty and richness of the desert can be easily seen in one place in Tucson, Arizona. Known as the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, this gorgeous and convenient site is host to a cornucopia of plants, birds and animals native to the desert. Home to more than 300 animal species and 1200 pla...

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Photographing Great Falls National Park
by Alex Mody | March 26, 2010

© Alex ModyJust ten miles from Washington, D.C., Great Falls National Park is an often overlooked gem of our National Parks system. Here the mighty Potomac River, which acts as a watershed basin for a 11,000+ square mile area encompassing sections of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, dro...

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Photographing the Mountain Icons of Patagonia
by | January 4, 2010

© Jon CornforthPatagonia is located in the southern Andes mountain range along the border of Argentina and Chile. The area was made famous in the 1930s and 1950s by pioneering climbers like Jacques Poincenot, Lionel Terray, Cesare Maestri, and Toni Egger, who came to test themselves on the regions’ grani...

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