Photographing 1,000 Wild Swans from 50 Feet!
by Dave Weber | October 31, 2007

© Dave WeberJust thirty minutes from Minneapolis, Minnesota is the worlds’ largest congregation of wild Trumpeter Swans. Each year, from early December through late February, as many as 1,600 of these rare swans spend their winter on the Mississippi River here. Nearby is a little-used public viewing a...

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If Wishes Were Ponies
by Kari Post | July 1, 2007

© Kari PostIt was January 2006 and I had a foolishly wonderful idea. Fortunately enough, I had an equally foolish and wonderful best friend who was just crazy enough to go along with it.

Ever since I first laid my hands on a mini series of books based loosely on Marguerite Henry’s 1947 classic Mis...

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Snow Bird
by Tom Walker | March 31, 2007

© Tom Walker“If you thought winter was over, think again,” the weatherman said. “A cold front is sweeping down from the north and will hit here tomorrow night. Get out those jackets and coats you put away. It’s dropping to 60, with inland areas down to 30. That’s cold.”

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The Pelicans of La Jolla
by Phillip Colla | February 28, 2007

© Phillip CollaPhotographers come from throughout the country to train their lenses on the seabirds among La Jolla’s cliffs and the scenic California coastline for good reason: seabird photographs are easily achieved here, to the extent that shooters like myself with modest bird photography skills can ha...

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Svalbard: The Polar Oasis
by Jasper Doest | December 31, 2006

© Jasper DoestNot many people are familiar with the Svalbard archipelago, and this might be one of the reasons why it is such a splendid place for nature photographers. The archipelago lies at 78º N and only 900km away from the North Pole. Although being that far north in the Arctic region, due to the circul...

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