Tips for Nature Photography in the Tropics
by Glenn Bartley | October 30, 2009

© Glenn BartleyThere are few places on earth that can captivate the imagination and inspire nature photographers to “get out there” like the tropics. The biological riches of these exciting destinations are unparalleled and these regions are rife with opportunities for nature photography. Consider...

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England—The Lake District
by Melanie M. | April 10, 2009

© Melanie M.The English Lake District has long been associated with tourism. Since the earliest days, visitors have strived to convey the images from their minds’ eye to others. Some in words as with the Lakes Poets, some by painting including Turner and Constable, and as the process developed more la...

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Safety Considerations for Outdoor Photographers
by Bret Edge | January 11, 2009

© Bret EdgeMost nature photographers enjoy the ephemeral escape afforded by wandering through wilderness areas near and far, away from the chaos of the city. We peer through viewfinders, absorbed in perfecting a composition and unaware of what is happening around us. We haul around hundreds or even thousan...

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The Quest for the King Eider
by Rene de Heer | November 24, 2008

© Rene de HeerIt was that time of the year again. Where would this year’s annual bird photography trip take me? For the last 8 years, my trips have taken me up north to Finland and always in the depths of winter. There is something compelling about Finland or, I should say, Northern Scandinavia. Perhaps...

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Picking a Safari
by Joe McDonald | October 1, 2008

© Joe McDonaldI travel a lot as a wildlife photographer and to me there’s no place like Africa for the absolute best in wildlife photography. Indeed, Africa gets in your blood, not as a malarial parasite but as a burning obsession, because for most, one visit simply isn’t enough. Most folks, befor...

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The Raptors of Magic Point
by Paul Huntley | September 9, 2008

© Paul HuntleyI like fast things and maybe you do too. Speed in itself is exciting and has been a fascination for the public for many a decade, enjoying a golden era in the early 1900s, demonstrated by the huge crowds which regularly gathered to watch record breaking trains, planes, automobiles and ocean line...

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Madagascar—A World Unknown
by Shem Compion | April 1, 2008

© Shem CompionAbruptly removed from Gondwanaland about 160 million years ago and left to its own devices in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar, shaped somewhat like a folded omelet, started developing a natural history all on its own. As with many of the other exotic islands, Madagascar developed its own unique spe...

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Winter in Yellowstone
by Tom Vezo | March 1, 2008

© Tom VezoIt was still dark outside when we walked into the lobby of the Snow Lodge for a cup of coffee before breakfast. A few people were milling around discussing what the weather might be for the day. Weather is always the topic of discussion in the morning in Yellowstone National Park because it&#...

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