Book Review: How to Make Money with Digital Photography

by | October 1, 2006

How to Make Money with Digital PhotographyFor the photographer who is contemplating turning their passion into a business, or for someone already getting started in the industry, this book is a must-read. Written by a pro photographer, there’s much more to this book than the title suggests. How to Make Money with Digital Photography by Dan Heller encompasses a wealth of information beyond the obvious.

It starts exactly where it should: covering the various aspects of a business in photography from the ground up. With a light and humorous style that makes it an enjoyable read, topics range from your goals and intentions, if education in photography would be of value, balancing your business efforts, an overview of taxes, registering copyrights, when model releases might be needed, to equipment, accounting, image management, backups, printing, and selling prints, postcards, and more.

Note that these topics are not all covered in depth, but they could not be and provide such a concise overview.

I feel this book addresses in an easy-to-read manner information you need to know about getting into a photography business. If you decide to take that route, the information covered provides you with enough of a working knowledge to understand where to look next.

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