Book Review: The Photographer’s Legal Guide

by | January 31, 2007

Photographer's Legal GuideCarolyn Wright has participated on the forums for years and I have come to respect not only her knowledge on legal issues specific to photographers, but also her ability to draw on real-world experience and explain matters in a way that just about anyone could understand.

Have you ever been approached by a park ranger at a national park who indicated a permit was required for you to photograph there? Find out what your rights really are on pages 94 and 95 in “The Photographer’s Legal Guide.”

Daunted by copyright registration paperwork? Start on page 52 to demystify the process. Need to work with a lawyer but are unsure how to even find one? Page 23 gets you started with some great steps.

How can you do your best to ensure you get paid for your photos and/or services? There is an entire chapter devoted to this.

When I started my photography business years ago I wanted to do things right. I acquired an assortment of books, including legal guides, in an attempt to understand my obligations. While these books introduced me to some new considerations and raised my awareness, I generally ended up feeling more confused on issues than before.

But this book is incredibly thorough, yet concise; it is exactly the excellent resource I thought it would be. A variety of topics are addressed in clear and simple terms: getting started in the business, copyrights, contracts, legal restrictions, model releases and more.

In summary, “The Photographer’s Legal Guide” is loaded with up-to-date, relevant legal issues for the working photographer. Carolyn has done an excellent job in presenting the material so it is easily understandable, and has anticipated concerns we may not have even thought of.

I feel that anyone in the photography business would benefit from this non-intimidating book. I, for one, would not be without it in my personal library.

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Photographer's Legal Guide by Carolyn E. Wright, Esq.

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