About the Author

Brian's photographic journey has taken him all over North America. Some of his most memorable trips have been to the arctic and sub arctic regions of Alaska and Canada. In June 2007 he spent two weeks photographing tundra nesting birds at Barrow, AK and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. In 2010 he returned to Barrow to co-lead a photographic workshop. His memorable experiences at Barrow led to the creation of A Site Guide to Barrow, Alaska.

Brian's extensive photo files include over 400 species of North American birds captured on either 35mm film or digital media. His award-winning photography has been internationally published in various books and magazine including Birding World, Bird Watching and the ABA’s magazine Birding.

Photographing Migrant Warblers
by Brian Zwiebel | May 1, 2005

© Brian ZwiebelMigrant warblers are among the most difficult avian subjects to photograph. They hide in the leaves, often in dark shadows, and flit about in the tops of tall trees. These very small birds rarely sit still for more than a second or two, chasing insects frantically. Five seconds with a cooperativ...

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