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Mike is an award winning pro macro nature photographer from Michigan. His articles and images have been published in major photo magazines and he has written several how-to macro and photo business book/ebooks. He is one of Tamron’s master macro photographers, and was a member of the Fuji Pro Talent Team. Mike teaches three day “Macro Boot Camps” across the country, owns the “Macro Nature Forum”, and teaches macro photography through online webinars. Visit Mike's websites: www.tinylandscapes.com and www.mikemoatsblog.com.

Finding Character Through Your Macro Lens
by Mike Moats | September 3, 2011

© Mike MoatsIf you have ever had a chance to see a performance by the singer Lady Gaga, you would be amazed by some of the elaborate costumes she wears in concert. It is part of her shock and awe style that she brings to the stage. I have heard many comments by those who have seen her perform, and the com...

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