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Steven Blandin is an award-winning photographer leading bird photography workshops in Florida and Alaska. He was born in the French Caribbean and now lives in Florida with his family. Though he started his career in corporate finance, his wife made him discover the beauty of wildlife photography through an epic African safari in Botswana. Since then, his appetite for nature photography has grown exponentially! Now an accomplished bird photographer, Steven strives to share his passion through the photographic education of other nature enthusiasts. To see more of Steven’s work or to learn more about his bird photography tours, visit www.stevenbirdphotography.com. Follow his blog for more tips and top-notch photography or his work on Instagram @stevenbirdphotography.

Anchoring Bird in Flight Shots
by Steven Blandin | November 28, 2018

Pursuit in the skyFlying bird photographs are sought-after creations for most bird photographers. Besides the difficulty of properly synchronizing one’s hands motion and sight to properly frame the bird, there are other composing considerations to consider. It is very pleasing to create a photograph of a beauti...

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The 4 Angles of Success
by Steven Blandin | June 22, 2015

When teaching photography workshops, I often get asked to discuss the most impactful techniques needed to create excellent wildlife photography. I often tell them about the four angles of success: a triangulation of the sun angle, height angle, head angle and background angle.

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