About the Author

Grace Scalzo has loved the outdoors since childhood. The combination of photography and nature ignited a passion for the art form. Grace's images have received numerous awards including publications by NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association) and Nature's Best Photography Magazine. She has also authored a children's book: Hungry Birds by the Seashore.

Grace believes that if people feel a connection to their environment, they will care about preserving it. Photography has great power in showcasing our natural world. It is with this in mind that she creates her images, prepares slideshows, and speaks to Audubon groups, photography clubs, libraries, and nursing homes.

Grace participates in local, grassroots conservation efforts including horseshoe crab counting in Long Island Sound, and diamondback terrapin studies which include finding and protecting nests. She has established and maintains an active trail of bluebird houses. She is also an administrator of a Facebook page dedicated to Long Island wildlife photography where she works to improve and encourage ethical field practices among the growing membership.