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Denise Ippolito is a freelance photographer, artist and writer living in NJ. She is a moderator for Bird Photographers Network which is an online photography site. Her recent eBook A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects is an expression of art and nature. Denise has co-led several photography instructional tours for Arthur Morris who is a Canon Explorer of Light. He is a world renowned bird photographer and teacher. She offers workshops featuring avian, macro and HDR photography. For more information or to see some of her work visit www.deniseippolito.com.

Photographing at the Barnegat Jetty
by Denise Ippolito | August 6, 2012

© Denise IppolitoBarnegat Lighthouse State Park in New Jersey, located at the northern end of Long Beach Island, is where you will find the famed “Barnegat Jetty”. If you are a birder or bird photographer as I am, this is a must visit destination during the winter. The Barnegat Jetty is considered the best p...

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