About the Author

Christoph Fischer is a landscape and travel photographer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His work is extensive and includes North America, South America, Europe and Africa. It covers the entire breadth of landscapes, mostly grand vistas, in all seasons. He seeks bold, unusual compositions and hopes to infuse the viewer with a sense of excitement, wonder and contemplation. He has been honored in international competitions and has had a number of cover stories published in premier Canadian photography magazines. He has also been published in Smithsonian Magazine, as well as in National Geographic Media.

When not photographing or writing articles, Christoph enjoys conveying his knowledge and experience to the avid photographer by leading group workshops and offering private lessons. For more information on Christoph’s photography workshops and tours, or to see more of his work, please visit www.beautysurroundsyou.com.

Frozen Beauties
by Christoph Fischer | February 13, 2013

© Christoph FischerAs old man winter is rattling on your front door and windows, howling for attention, and marking his visit by covering your driveway and patio with an “I was here” memento, you may well be inclined to hibernate until the weather is more conducive to photography. The area you live in...

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