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Ashim is a self-taught photographer from India who started with a Nikon SLR in 2001 and graduated to a DSLR in 2006. His interests in photography lie in nature, mostly macro and floral. Ashim is a contributing moderator at www.jjmehta.com, the biggest online forum of amateur photographers from India. He contributes to the local photographic community by holding photography workshops. His work can be seen on his website at www.ashimdey.com.

Creating Photo Art – Part II
by Ashim Dey | August 11, 2014

© Ashim Dey“The appearance of photography with its dissolved compositional center and melted boundaries between the subject and the background contributed a lot to the new aesthetic vision. Photography taught painters to praise an ‘accidental’ natural look of the artworks.”

“The impressionist p...

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Creating Photo Art – Part I
by Ashim Dey | July 7, 2014

© Ashim DeyFor the purpose of this article we will consider photo art as anything that has a digital photograph as its base and is created purely using software on a computer and doesn’t involve any paintings with physical objects. The photo art can then be printed on canvas or paper of the artist’s ch...

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