Forums Guidelines

Registration is required to post on the forums or to access the image forums but it is free. This is to minimize casual unregistered visitors from accessing member email addresses and other information.

The forums are intended for the sole purpose of nature photography. Discussion or debate on other topics, such as politics or religion, should not take place in the forums. See the Terms of Use page for more details.

No advertisements are permitted in the forums. Members may add a single internet link to their signatures, in a single line, for promotion, such as of nature photography workshops or tours that they provide, as well as nature-related products or services. No images, banners or enlarged or colored text is permitted in signature lines. There is a special Workshops forum where workshops may be listed. NatureScapes.Net® does not sponsor or support any such promoted activities and is not affiliated with them. NatureScapes.Net® reserves the right to promote products and/or services that it offers in order to help support the site.

Dialog should remain courteous and civil to maintain a friendly atmosphere in the forums. NatureScapes.Net® reserves the right to edit or delete posts contrary to the intended use of these forums. Report offensive posts to the forum moderators. Repeated offenses by posters may force suspension of the member(s) from the forums. It is the intent to maintain a level of courteousness so that all members may enjoy the forum interaction. Debates and controversy pertaining to nature photography are appropriate when conducted cordially. Character attacks of any fashion have no place on these forums.

Mission Statement

The forums were created by photographers for photographers. The intent is to provide a friendly and civil atmosphere to discuss nature photography and display and receive constructive feedback on posted images. Please help us create and maintain such an environment by following the forum guidelines.