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Paid members receive a variety of benefits for helping to support our growing nature photography community.

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Image Upload Service with Hosting

The image upload service is where images can be easily uploaded to the NatureScapes.Net server for hosting to display in the image critique forums. For information on how to post an image when creating a new topic please see the Image Upload Service Tutorial.

Member Portfolio

Showcase your nature images on the internet alongside portfolios of other nature photographers! Build one instead of creating your own website, or use it in addition to your existing website for increased exposure. Paid members with an annual membership receive a 100-image portfolio while lifetime members receive a 200-image portfolio. If you are interested in purchasing additional image space ($40 for 100 images) you may through our store. Portfolios have room for photos, a short biography, and contact information (including a secure contact form). Photos can be added, changed, or deleted at will and additional space may be purchased for a nominal fee. See the NatureScapes Member Portfolios article for more information.
  • Fully integrated with the NatureScapes.Net forums for easy navigation and accessibility; portfolios can be accessed from the Portfolios link in our main website navigation. Only one registration required for access to forums and portfolios. Images can be added to member portfolios during NatureScapes.Net image upload to the forums. A link to your portfolio will be provided automatically at the bottom of your forum posts once your portfolio is created.
  • Member portfolios are easy to use, no web design experience necessary! Check out the FAQ link in the Portfolios sub navigation to get started. The software prompts for the necessary information in easy steps. It is simple to add or delete images. Photos can be batch uploaded ten at a time.
  • Each portfolio is assigned a unique URL based on your own name, making it easier to remember and access.
  • Customize your portfolio by selecting the thumbnail to represent your portfolio at various pages. Use subcategories to group your images in any manner you wish; subcategory thumbnails will be the last uploaded photo in that subcategory unless specific photos are selected.
  • Market your work to visiting photo buyers by entering relevant titles, keywords and a detailed description for your photos. A secure contact form is used for all portfolios, allowing viewers to contact you without revealing your email address. The message text is forwarded to your forum email address on record. This allows photographers the option to keep their email address unlisted to avoid spam.

NatureScapes.Net Classifieds Forum Listings

Anyone can view and respond to NatureScapes.Net classifieds listings, but only paid members can post listings. Visit the classifieds forum » Workshops and Events Forum Listings

Anyone can view and respond to NatureScapes.Net workshops and other events listings, but only paid members can post listings. Visit the workshops and other events forum »

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Your Name and Website Listed in our Links Section

As a thank you for your generous support we will list your name and website on our Partner's & Contributor's Links page (upon request).