Posting Guidelines

PAID MEMBERS: Images may be uploaded directly to our server and should not exceed 1 megabyte nor should that exceed 1280 pixels wide or 1024 pixels tall.

FREE MEMBERS: Images must be linked to an existing URL on the internet and should not exceed 250 kilobytes nor should they exceed 800 pixels on the longest side.   Only one image post per calendar day is allowed in each image gallery.   Be sure to include technical data, such as what equipment was used and the settings, as well as location information, in your image post. For captive subjects it is recommended a (c) be placed after the subject title text, as well as in the message text. It is also suggested that significant post processing steps be mentioned, such as approximate crop percentages and changes in content. Two reposts are permitted per image post. The original poster may include a repost after the original image indicating it is the modified version, but please do not replace the original image. As a courtesy, please request the author's permission before reposting their photo. Please do not repost on images indicating "for discussion purposes only." Please keep image posts in Photography Topics and Digital Topics discussion forums to a minimum and for illustrative purposes only, not for critique. Image posts are allowed in the Nature Photography Goods Classifieds when they are of the equipment being sold (not a likeness or similar product). Image posts are encouraged in the Regional Chapters forums and may be the same images as have been posted elsewhere on the website, but should be from the chapter territory.

Avatars and Signature Lines

Our forum software allows personalized avatar icons and signature lines. Avatars should not exceed dimensions of 50 pixels by 50 pixels, or a file size of 5 kilobytes. Please do not use an animated avatar. Avatars posted outside these guidelines may be removed. Signature lines are allowed one line for self-promotion of your nature and/or photography related endeavor. NatureScapes.Net® reserves the right to edit or request the member edit signature lines that are excessively long and/or distracting. Only plain text is allowed—no graphics, bold, enlarged or colored text allowed. By posting in our forums and galleries you agree to adhere to our Terms of Use as well as to adhere to the above guidelines which are subject to change without notice.