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060202 2140.jpg
Hindu Kush Mountains in WinterTim Grams
060214 2580.jpg
Barren Afghan Land in Late WinterTim Grams
060220 3140.jpg
A Village and Fields in Northern AfghanistanTim Grams
060220 3165.jpg
Sculptured Valleys in MountainsTim Grams
060225 3542.jpg
Colorful Afghan MountainsTim Grams
060225 3549.jpg
A Village near a Multicolored MountainTim Grams
060225 3669.jpg
Small Village along a River in WinterTim Grams
060309 4411.jpg
Afghan Mountain Valley with FieldsTim Grams
060309 4523.jpg
Alcoves of Buhdist Statues in BamiyanTim Grams
060320 5544.jpg
A Soaring Black KiteTim Grams
060402 6662.jpg
Checkerboard Fields in AfghanistanTim Grams
060402 6673.jpg
Where the Irrigation EndsTim Grams
060412 7431.jpg
Moonrise and Afghan RuinsTim Grams
060419 8103.jpg
An Alert Wolf in AfghanistanTim Grams
060423 9375.jpg
Red Backed Shrike on Barbed WireTim Grams
View of El Capitan from Cathedral BeachScott Flaherty
El CapitanScott Flaherty
Mourning doveWil Hershberger
Cardinal - Female in snowBrian Spangler
Female CardinalBrian Spangler
Cardinal - FemaleBrian Spangler
Cardinal - FemaleBrian Spangler
El Capitan 2.jpg
El Capitan2Chris Clor
Fox, Red; KitC. Gable Ray
IMG_2162 copy.jpg
Deer at SunsetKim L Graham
Vessel on the Amber HorizonMichael Klarich
Wards Trogon_Male.jpg
Ward's trogon (Harpactes wardi) Chewang Bonpo
Valley View In FallEd Cordes