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13313-IMG_0461nsn) copy.jpg
Yellow-billed PintailNate Chappell
IMG_4766 (6)_filtered copy.jpg
Townsend's WarblerNate Chappell
1B9X4268(1) copy.jpg
Toucan BarbetNate Chappell
13313-IMG_0195(800) copy 2.jpg
Southern White-crowned ShrikeNate Chappell
13313-IMG_7026(nsn) copy.jpg
Sleepy Snowy OwlNate Chappell
13313-IMG_9910 (nsn)copy 2.jpg
Sickle-winged GuanNate Chappell
13313-IMG_1399(800) copy.jpg
Rosy-faced LovebirdNate Chappell
1B9X7815(1) copy.jpg
RoadrunnerNate Chappell
13313-IMG_0546(800) copy.jpg
Purple-bibbed WhitetipNate Chappell
13313-IMG_7224(nsn) copy.jpg
Peregrine FalconNate Chappell
IMG_2692 (2) copy.jpg
Pale-mandibled AracariNate Chappell
1B9X2034(2) copy.jpg
Northern HarrierNate Chappell
IMG_2903 (5) copy.jpg
Night MonkeysNate Chappell
13313-NazcaBoobyAnimalPortraits copy(nsn).jpg
Nazca BoobiesNate Chappell
IMG_0235 (2) copy.jpg
Mountain CaracaraNate Chappell
13313-_B9X9771(nsn) copy.jpg
Motif: Sword-billed HummingbirdNate Chappell
13313-IMG_9970(nsn) copy.jpg
Motif: Pale-mandibled AracariNate Chappell
13313-IMG_0485(800) copy 3.jpg
Martial EagleNate Chappell
1B9X9056(2)_filtered copy.jpg
Marbled GodwitNate Chappell
1B9X1445(3)filtered copy.jpg
MallardNate Chappell
IMG_3906 (6)_filtered copy.jpg
Long-tailed WeaselNate Chappell
13313-IMG_1829(800) copy.jpg
Long-billed CurlewNate Chappell
1B9X5079(1) copy.jpg
IguanaNate Chappell
IMG_5473 (5)_filtered copy.jpg
Hoary Marmot Smelling FlowerNate Chappell
13313-010335 copy(nsn).jpg
Harris's HawkNate Chappell
13313-_DSC3012(800) copy.jpg
Harris's HawkNate Chappell
1B9X6377(1) copy.jpg
Gambel's QuailNate Chappell
13313-IMG_9777(nsn) copy.jpg
Flame-faced TanagerNate Chappell
1B9X8208(2) copy.jpg
Dark-eyed JuncoNate Chappell
13313-1B9X8208(2) copy.jpg
Dark-eyed (Gray-headed) JuncoNate Chappell
Coronet Mid-air BattleNate Chappell
1B9X2897(4) copy.jpg
Common PotooNate Chappell
1B9X3481(1) copy.jpg
Collared TrogonNate Chappell
13313-IMG_8150 copy.jpg
Chimango CarcaraNate Chappell
13313-_B9X9689 (nsn)copy copy.jpg
Chestnut-breasted CoronetNate Chappell
1B9X8105(3)_filtered copy.jpg
Bridled TitmouseNate Chappell
13313-IMG_7151(800) copy.jpg
Blue-necked TanagerNate Chappell
13313-IMG_3564(800) copy.jpg
Black-crested TitmouseNate Chappell
13313-IMG_3564(810) copy.jpg
Black-crested TitmouseNate Chappell
IMG_9825 (2) copy.jpg
Band-tailed PigeonNate Chappell
13313-IMG_0357(nsn800) copy.jpg
Bald Eagle DivingNate Chappell
13313-IMG_8683(nsn) copy.jpg
Bald Eagle and Great Blue HeronNate Chappell
IMG_3934 (5)_filtered copy.jpg
BadgerNate Chappell
IMG_2608 (2) copy.jpg
Arizona WoodpeckerNate Chappell
13313-IMG_8978(nsn) copy.jpg
2 Species of Coronet (Ecuador)Nate Chappell