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Paul Rossi is a nature photographer living in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula (EUP). He specializes in bird photography, but also photographs wildlife and scenery. His work reflects a unique understanding of bird behavior which is born from a passion for wilderness and spending countless hours in nature.

His talent for finding and capturing images of rare composition, with fleeting subjects, shines throughout his work. He is also known for capturing the character of his subjects in their natural environment. Paul has a unique awareness of the level of trust of his subjects in his presence, and the relaxed look of the subjects of many of his his photographs reflect this.

Located on a peninsula of Lake Huron and close to state and national forest, he enjoys being immersed in the seasonal patterns of bird migration which can bring spectacular opportunity to his doorstep. His knowledge of the EUP, and how its geography and weather patterns affect birds, has combined with his patience, to produce an unforgettable collection of bird photography.

Contact Information

Paul Rossi 906 484-1086 pwaynerossi@gmail.com


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