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As a 2010 BBC wildlife photographer of the year finalist, I started to photograph bird and wildlife 8 years ago, as I found myself inextricably drawn to nature with a strong passion for wildlife.
As a self taught photographer, I believe that my passion for photography and wildlife are seen through the quality of my images as I stride to show the viewer the beauty nature has to offer.

Living in Israel, a very bird rich country, over 500 species, allows me many bird photography opportunities. Israel is located in one of the main migration routes from Europe/Asia to Africa, as twice a year over 500 million birds pass through.

For most of my bird and wildlife photography I use the Canon 1D mark III along with the Canon 500 F4 lens.
My list of credits keeps getting longer and longer with my work being published both in books and in nature magazines across the world.

Here is a short list of credits:
Tel Aviv Zoological zoo.
Nature magazines in Israel.
Bird guides in Europe and the US.
I.N.P Israel Nature and Park Authority
Israel Ministry of Environmental protection

You can join me on an exclusive African workshop for an adventure of a liftime where we shall photograph all the typical African wildlife with special emphasis on the big 5.

Bird and wildlife photography is my true passion and my way to bring the viewer the beauty of nature.

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Great Spotted Woodpecker
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Brown bear
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Brown Bear
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Brown Bear
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Red Fox cubs
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Demoiselle Crane