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James interest in photography began in high school. He worked for the high school yearbook, shooting mostly athletic events and editorial images; soon he found a market for his sports images in the local newspapers. His relationship with Montgomery Publishing Co. and The Daily Intelligencer grew over the years as did a commercial photo business. His contacts in the sports world would lead to assignments for AP and UPI and a local start-up magazine, which is now the Bucks County Life magazine.

Graduation from college produced a career in teaching that lasted for 38 years. The time commitment for teaching grew and so did the size of the family. Needless to say James was out of hours in the day and something had to go.The camera equipment was sold and the photo career ended.

Here I am,retired and back in the world of photography.My reentry has been an education. The world of photography certainly did change during my absence. I entered the world of digital photography and this has added a new dimension. I enjoy working in Photoshop and printing my own prints on an Epson Pro3880 I must admit, I don't miss the smell of the chemical darkroom. So,for now, photography is a joy, not that my past experiences weren't and I am developing a vision for the type of image that excites me and a clearer interpretation of the natural world. I hope this journey will continue .

Jim Milligan

Contact Information

1126 Creekside Lane
Quakertown,PA 18951

(215) 674 3290

email: jmill59@icloud.com



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