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I started in photography in ninth grade (1978) with my Dad's Yashica TL Electro that he bought on his way back from the Vietnam war (1972). I got proficient at snap shots and figured out shutter speed and f stop settings.

After high school I continued taking images and found that my interest in birdwatching and photography mixed nicely. I bought a used K series Pentax that came with a 35mm and 200mm lens. I used this camera up until the late eighties when I purchased a Canon T-90. I still own a T-90 and a Tokina 400mm f/5.6 that were my main camera and lens. I learned a great deal about good big lens technique from a forum called Naturescapes.net, and it shows in the images I now produce.

I grew up in California, lived in MN for 22 years, and now I am back home in San Diego.

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Email me at: birdnird@yahoo.com



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