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I grew up in southwest Louisiana, never staying far from the wonderful natural areas that the Louisiana gulf coast had to offer. Learning to hunt and fish from my dad, I learned early on to always respect and appreciate nature. Over time, my desire to share with others what I see in nature grew. I attempt to do this through photography. I have been an amateur photographer since late 2001, living in Houston, TX for the last 18 years because of its access to the many shooting locations in this region.

While I try to include images from most areas of nature, my passion is bird photography. This came to be about a few years ago when I began to look closer at birds and how they relate to their environment. There is always beauty to be found in the avian world and I strive to capture it with my own perspective.

My images have appeared in publications such as National Geographic Society’s "Birding Essentials", "Birds of North America" (Dorling Kindersley Publishing), Birder's World magazine, ABA Birding magazine, Texas Highways magazine, AAA Texas magazine, AAA New Mexico magazine, Texas Sporting Journal, The Houston Press, Houston Audubon Newsletters and Annual Reports, Houston Audubon website, Gulf Coast Bird Observatory Sourcebook, and other state and local conservation newsletters and sites.

I currently use the Canon system which includes the Canon 1D MkIIN & 50D DSLR's (digital SLR) with an assortment of lenses from Canon, Sigma, and Tokina depending on the need.

Contact Information

Kingwood, TX



Latest Additions

Painted Bunting
Anhinga in breeding plumage
Roseate Spoonbill Combat
Carolina Chickadee
American White Pelican - gear down and locked
Loggerhead Shrike_wn_070125_020.jpg
Loggerhead Shrike
Whooping Crane_wn_061221_306 copy.jpg
Whooping Cranes Landing
Whooping Crane - landing

Insects & Arachnids

DB8F6676 Bumble Bee.jpg

CRW_1100_Whitetail in fog.jpg

CRW_2183 Osprey.jpg
Reptiles & Ambphibians

041031_0052 Water Moccasin A.jpg
Diving Birds


CRW07686 Short-billed Dowitcher.jpg

050213_0074 Pyrrhuloxia.jpg
Upland Birds

Wading Birds

041031_0009 Tri-colored Heron.jpg

041221_0032 Pied-billed Grebe.jpg

CRW06811 Indian Paintbrush.jpg
Sunrise / Sunset

041024_0249 Florida sunset.jpg