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Alan Murphy has been captivated by birds since his childhood in England. Even in his youth, Alan found himself inextricably drawn to nature; growing up he found solace from the trials of life under a canopy of trees while in the company of birds.

Upon immigrating to the United States, Alan found himself overwhelmed and somewhat intimidated by the diversity of bird species, many with such subtle variations they were nearly impossible to distinguish from each other. He began photographing the birds, later poring over the prints with a field guide to help identify the birds he had seen. It’s been twelve years now that Alan has been photographing birds. He currently uses a Nikon digital SLR system where much of his work relies upon his 600mm f/4 lens.

Alan has two daughters, Siobahn and Ciara, who are his greatest passion and inspiration in life. He lives in Houston operating his own successful Houston business and devotes almost all available free time to bird photography. He is a valued part of NatureScapes.Net as the moderator for the Birds Image Critique Gallery.

Alan’s numerous photo credits include Birding, Birders World, WildBird, Bird Watcher’s Digest, North American Birds, Texas Birds, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Highways, British Birds, and more. His photos are also published in various field guides, books, CD-ROM's, calendars, and postcards.



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