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My interest in photography began when I was in high school. My first camera was a Pentax me super which was mostly used for photo's of family. My photography was put on the back burner in the early 1980's when became interested in remote control cars. When I learned there was places to race them I decided to give it a try. I went to my first race which I won and I was hooked. For the next 13 year's or so I traveled all over the country racing and became one of the top 1/10th scale off road drivers the north east. But because of rising costs and not having fun anymore I stopped racing. Three years after I stopped I got the bug again and now I still race occasionally just for fun.

Then in 1998 I started taking pictures of my niece playing little league softball but I soon found my Pentax ZX-50's auto focusing to be inadequate for sports. So I started looking into get a better camera and bought a Nikon N90s and a 28mm-85mm lens. I soon found I need more focal length and bought a Nikon 80-200 2.8 zoom lens and this turn out to be a great lens for sports.
I had always been interested in nature so I started trying to take nature photo's but wasn't very good at it.. but kept trying. I found again that I needed more focal length and bought a Tokina 400mm f5.6 but not getting very good results. I started looking on the internet for more information. I found Moose Petersons website and signed up for one of his seminars and a day shoot this changed my way of thinking and my nature photography began to improve. Then I found while surfing the web that Charles Glazer was doing a workshop at Connetquot River State Park so I singed up for it. It was a great experience and I that learned a lot from and also learned that Charles was not just a great photographer and teacher but a great person too and now a good friend. While I was attending the Moose Peterson day shoot, his wife suggested I go to an Arthur Morris seminar and day shoot. When I heard he was coming to Long Island I singed up for his seminar and day shoot which was very informative and fun and my photography continued improve. Well it’s been 4 year’s since I went to my first seminar and my photography has improved more than I could ever have imagined. My favorite subjects are birds and I try to show as much action as possible in my images you can see my work on NatureScapes.net Photomigrations.com and of course my own website Jimmy G’s Nature Photography.



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