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2022 ...Now retired Doug and Karen are exploring southern Canada and new adventures of travelling in their travel trailer. Watch for new updated images in their portfolio.

Doug and Karen along with their kids have lived in the remoteness of the Canadian Arctic for many years...work in the retail business brought them to the north approx. 25 years ago and since then they have changed careers which has enable their photography time to increase.

While living in the Arctic does present challenges the uniqueness of the land and live style is not found anywhere else in North America. In their photography both Doug and Karen spend time taking images for the community including sports, ceremonies, local celebrations ect but as much as possible their free time is spent out "on the Land" taking in the imagery of the surrounding area.

for latest of our images follow us at Twitter http://twitter.com/DadRankin
and Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/dougkarenmclarty
Check out our Arctic Tours at www.arctictours.ca


Contact Information

Doug McLarty
Rankin Inlet Nunavut///Lethbridge Alberta
kadakk @shaw.ca


www.kivalliq.com www.arctechdesign.ca

Latest Additions

NWCoast 2022-4.jpg
NWCoast 2022-5.jpg
NWCoast 2022-7.jpg
NWCoast 2022-9.jpg
NWCoast 2022-13.jpg
NWCoast 2022-15.jpg
NWCoast 2022-96.jpg
NWCoast 2022-87.jpg

2022 New

NWCoast 2022-4.jpg
Travel and stuffs- not Arctic :)

Maui 2017-11.jpg

Arctic Fox 2017-3.jpg
Birds of the Arctic

Rough Legged Hawk chick 2 (1 of 1).jpg
The Night Sky

 Aurora Sept 1 2016 PENF (7 of 59).jpg